Cabarita Park Conservatory

Cabarita Park Conservatory Architectural Perspective
Cabarita Park Conservatory Architectural Perspective

Cabarita Park Conservatory

The City of Canada Bay is delivering a new adaptive cultural facility which will complement the Federation pavilion. This arts and cultural facility will offer a range of opportunities for the local community to enjoy workshops, events, exhibition and programs alongside opportunities for health and wellbeing.

The project consists of a Conservatory, public toilets and hard-stand area for a food truck. The project has been the subject of comprehensive consultation process as part of the Community Enhancement Consultation.

Works will require the demolition of the large covered picnic shelter in the centre of the park and adjacent maintenance shed. 

The Development Application for this facility was approved in December 2015 and works commenced on site in June 2016.

Funding for this project is through developer contribution and the Community Enhancement fund.

Works will be completed in 2016.

Project Update:

Notice of Cabarita Park sewer works

More information: call the Place Team on 9911 6555.

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