Bulk household collection service

Bulk Household Cleanup
Bulk Household Cleanup

The City of Canada Bay provides two bulk household collections per year on pre-scheduled dates to each residential property. 

Residents are able to present a maximum of three cubic metres of material in total: that is approximately 3m x 1m x 1m.

The bulk household collection service is designed only for household materials which cannot be collected as part of the regular waste, recycling and garden organics services.

Materials must be placed on the kerbside nature strip in front of your property only on the weekend prior to your scheduled collection date

Your materials must be sorted into four piles: 

  1. Mattresses
  2. Broken furniture, toys and household items  - all loose materials must be placed in boxes or tied in bundles
  3. Branches, twigs and prunings that meet size requirements  - all garden organics must be boxed or tied with string
  4. Metals such as white goods - please note all doors should be removed.

The following breaches will be treated as illegally dumped waste - penalty infringement notices can be issued:

  • Materials presented earlier than the weekend prior to your collection date
  • Large bulky material not easily handled by two people
  • Waste exceeding three (3) cubic metres
  • Hazardous and non-conforming waste such as: asbestos, building waste and fencing, paint and solvents, car parts and tyres, chemicals and cleaners and large tree trunks.
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