Road and footpath openings

If you are planning to undertake works between your property boundary and the kerb and gutter or road (Council land), then you must seek approval from Council under Section 138 of the Roads Act, 1993.

If you intend to open a section of Council land solely for the purpose of connecting from a property to a Utility then you must apply for and obtain Road &/or Footpath Opening approval.

Where the Road &/or Footpath opening works form part of a DA, the issuing of Development Consent DOES NOT constitute approval to carry out works in Council land. You must apply through a Road &/or Footpath opening by Private Contractor application.

If your proposed opening is in conjunction with a driveway application and within the frontage of your property then you should read the Driveway & Ancillary Works Application process.

You need to submit this application if you are looking to carry out any of the following Road &/or Footpath works in Council land: 

  • Stormwater Connection/Repair
  • Sewer Connection/Repair
  • Water Connection/Repair
  • Electricity Connection/Repair
  • Gas Connection/Repair
  • Other Utility Connections/Repair
  • Any Investigative works in Council land

Below, you will find information on the steps required in order to obtain Road &/or Footpath opening approval. It is important you read the following steps and information carefully before lodging an application.

Step 1 - Understanding Council's Road & Footpath Opening Approval Process

Page last updated on: 18/04/16

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