How Council consults

Community engagement is the best way to ensure the aspirations, concerns, needs and values of our local community and other relevant stakeholders are incorporated into policy development, planning, decision-making, service delivery and assessment.

As part of this commitment, Council has adopted the following principles through which all community engagement will be considered and delivered:

  • Council's community engagement activities are based on the belief that those who are affected by a decision have a right to be involved in the decision-making process and that in many instances inclusive decision making achieves a better outcome than might otherwise be reached
  • Council recognises that in a system of representative democracy, it is neither practical nor possible to undertake community engagement on every issue; however when a decision has the potential to impact the local community significantly, Council will seek out and facilitate the involvement of those potentially affected by or with an interest in a decision
  • When undertaking community engagement, Councillors and Council staff will present their views and professional recommendations in an open and respectful manner to inform the community and assist to reach a knowledgeable outcome from each engagement opportunity
  • All materials and methods developed by Council to support community engagement will be genuine, unbiased, understandable and appropriate to ensure the community can participate in a meaningful way
  • When undertaking community engagement, Council's commitment is that the community's contribution will influence the decision. Council will also communicate to engagement participants how their input can and did affect the decision.

In keeping with the Policy, Council undertakes formal community engagement in the following circumstances:

  • Where community input can improve a project or enhance decision making
  • To help identify community needs not already known
  • In response to expressions of community interest
  • When Council resolves to consult the community or
  • When required by law, policy or by agreement with a government agency or statutory body.

The Community Engagement Policy is supported by Council's Communication Policy which sets out the City's approach to communication we undertakes with the community. Through this Policy, Council is committed to:

  • Informing the community of key Council decisions, services, programs and initiatives using plain English
  • Promoting transparency and accountability in Council’s decision making processes
  • Promoting opportunities for community engagement in appropriate circumstances and
  • Representing the views of the City of Canada Bay community and acting as advocate to other tiers of government and in all appropriate forums.

Both policies are under Council Policies available on the website in Related Items below.

Page last updated on: 27/02/13

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