Measuring and reporting

In order to measure progress at each tier of the City of Canada Bay's integrated planning framework, Council has developed an assessment hierarchy that measures our outputs and the outcomes they achieve.  This hierarchy has recently been reviewed with the following methods of assessment proposed.

Tier within framework Method of assessment
FuturesPlan20 Every four years Council will undertake an independent community survey to assess the extent to which community members see an accurate reflection of the City of Canada Bay at that point in time. The first survey was undertaken in 2012 and will now be used as a comparison for future surveys.
Delivery Plan Every two years Council will undertake an independent quantitative customer satisfaction survey to assess satisfaction with a critical program area linked to each of the direction statements listed in FuturesPlan20.  The most recent survey was undertaken in 2012 and established a baseline point for future comparison.  The next survey will be undertaken in 2014.
Operating Plan Against each strategy, program or project Council has nominated a key performance indicator (KPI).

Reporting our performance against our assessment hierarchy is an important part of our planning framework. There are a number of specific ways that Council does this, including through annual reporting to the NSW Government via a formal Annual ReportsFinancial Reports and State of the Environment Reports which detail Council's performance after each financial year as required under the Local Government Act 1993.

Council also has a system of quarterly reporting to the community and Council against key performance indicators. These reports (delivered at Council meetings) include a financial report and a capital works progress statement. A community report prepared at the completion of each financial year also provides a summary of achievements against the current Delivery Plan and key performance indicators.

Additionally a report on progress toward achieving FuturesPlan20 is presented to the final Council meeting of each outgoing Council term.

Page last updated on: 17/06/15

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