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WestConnex Motorway

The NSW Government announced in 2012 that the $10 billion, 33-kilometre WestConnex motorway is planned to be delivered over the next 10 years. The project includes an extension to the M4 along Parramatta Road through the City of Canada Bay.  

There are significant local and regional impacts of the proposal on the City of Canada Bay.  While some are expected to be positive, there are several major issues.  These include no provision of parallel public transport options; potential for significant growth in traffic and its impacts; and lack of detail of how urban renewal along Parramatta Road would be supported.  

Many local streets currently suffer from traffic by-passing the arterial road network, and there needs to be a permanent solution to this included in any proposed M4 East Extension.  Council has responded to the NSW Government through representation's to the Premier, Minister for Transport and the State Member in accordance with issues identified:  

  • Preventing the M4 extension from creating an unsubstainable increase in car usage.
  • Devising a method to ensure the M4 extension includes a permanent solution to the use of local streets by arterial traffic.
  • Clearly identifying and priortising public transport initiatives to parallel WestConnex in general and the M4 in particular.
  • Demonstrating how the opportunities for urban renewal and improved liveability along Parramatta Road would be realised without the negative impacts of new road structures with significantly higher car and truck problems.

Council will continue to advocate for additional public transport options in this corridor.

Rhodes Parking Strategy

A trial of altered parking restrictions in Rhodes, west of the rail line, was carried out during late 2012 and early 2013. The trial followed community feedback seeking relaxed parking controls to assist visitors to the area to be able to find parking in this busy area.

The trial alterations have generally been accepted by the community, with a reduction in issues being raised with Council about parking. At the conclusion of the trial, and after consideration to further feedback received, several more alterations have been approved by Council. These are being implemented for a further trial period. The parking controls will again be reviewed at the end of 2013.

Concord West Resident Parking Survey

Council is currently undertaking  three questionnaire surveys in areas of Concord West in relation to residents parking. One of these surveys will be used to determine whether a trial parking scheme which was introduced to AREA 5 in 2013 should be retained or modified. The other two surveys will assist in determining whether the existing AREA 4 and AREA 5 Resident Parking Schemes should now be extended. A map of the survey areas can be found at the bottom of this page.

Should you require any information about these surveys please contact Council traffic engineer, Mr Alan Opera, on 9911 6333.

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