Local Government Elections 2017: Claim for inclusion on the Non Residential Roll


Non-residential roll for all councils

As required by the Local Government Act 1993, Council’s General Manager prepares and certifies the non-residential rolls.  The 2017 Local Government Election will be administered by the NSWEC, and following the preparation by the General Manager, the non-residential rolls will be confirmed by the Electoral Commissioner.

Claims for inclusion on the non-residential roll must be made on the prescribed application forms below prior to 6pm on Monday 31 July 2017.

Non-resident elector responsibility

Non-residential rolls lapse after each Local Government election.  Enquiries regarding entitlement to be on the non-residential roll should be directed to Bob Pigott, Manager Governance and Risk on 9911 6530 or bob.pigott@canadabay.nsw.gov.au.   Further details are available from the Local Government Act 1993 Section 299.

Claimants have responsibility for assessing their own eligibility to make a claim for inclusion in the non-residential rolls.

If unsure it is suggested that independent advice is sought prior to lodging a claim.    Requirements for making a claim for inclusion in the non-residential rolls include that the claim be signed by the claimant in the present of an eligible witness

Application forms:

(Individual) Non-residential Roll Individual Application

Non-residential Roll Nominee Application

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