New Parking Strategy


In 2012 on-street metered parking was introduced in key areas that were previously subject to chronic parking congestion, with high demand and little or no turnover. These areas are:
  • Everton Road, Strathfield, between Raw Square and Moseley Street
  • Rider Boulevard, Rhodes, between Oulton Avenue and Shoreline Drive
  • Hospital Road, Concord West, north of Fremont Street

Parking meters are provided which allow payment via coins or credit card. A ticket is printed that must be displayed on the dashboard of a vehicle.

Council is also trialling pay by phone app technology. This allows users to pay for parking using their phone and does not require a physical ticket to be displayed. 

In Everton Road and Rider Boulevard, users can pay for parking via Bluedot; for more information please visit In Hospital Road users can pay for parking via CellOPark; for more information please visit


More information for each of these three locations:

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