Business in Rhodes

Rhodes Corporate Park
Rhodes Corporate Park
Rhodes, is a rapidly developing suburb with residential, corporate and commercial developments evolving at a face pace. As it is centrally positioned with easy access to the whole Sydney metropolitan region, it is a popular location for businesses of all sizes and there is a wide range of employers.

The Rhodes Peninsula includes around 1,200 businesses, including large multinationals, light industrial, retail, service providers and small home based businesses. 

Rhodes Shopping Centre is a key destination for residents, workers and visitors. Rhodes Corporate Park is a key employment precinct including large organisations such as Australand, Hewlett Packard, Alcatel Lucent, Unisys and Nestle. Residential and private spaces include complexes developed by major developers such as Meriton, Mirvac, Billbergia, Renewing Homebush Bay and Walker Corporation. 

Major businesses in the area include: 

  • Retail - Coles, Ikea, Reading Cinemas, Target.
  • Commercial - AAP Information Services, Alcatel-Lucent, Wesfarmers Insurance Limited, Fosters Group, Synovate Aztec, United Financial Services, Arbonne International, Australand, Australian Administration Services, DHL Supply Chain, Hewlett-Packard Australia, National Australia Bank, Nestle, Unisys. 
  • Industrial - Matisse Derivan, Shesheido.
  • Recreation and Services - Integricare Family Day Care Inner West Learn & Play Early Learning, Rhodes Children's Centre, Rhodes Corporate Park Childcare centres.
  • Rhodes

    Commercial developments

    The Connection - Rhodes Community Precinct Project

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