Child care

Child care options for Rhodes residents
Child care options for Rhodes residents

As the population of the Rhodes peninsula continues to grow steadily, the demand for high quality family services and in particular child care services is also increasing. 

Whether it is a child care centre, kindergarten, preschool, a developmental learning centre, a child development centre, an early childhood learning center, long day care or one of many other names, they all provide Rhodes families with the important service of caring for their children.

The City of Canada Bay continues its commitment in ensuring Rhodes families are able to access a range of services, facilities and programs for their children and families.

Current Childcare facilities in Rhodes

  • City of Canada Bay Family Day Care
  • Integricare Family Day Care Inner West
  • Learn & Play Early Learning Rhodes
  • Only About Children Childcare
  • Rhodes Central Preschool
  • Rhodes Childrens Centre
  • St Mary Multicultural Child Care Centre. 

Victoria Avenue Children's Centre

Children in the City of Canada Bay

City of Canada Bay Family Day Care

Wellbank Children's Centre

Page last updated on: 17/06/14

2015 School Holidays

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