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Rhodes train station
Rhodes train station

The Rhodes Peninsula is at the north – western edge of the City of Canada Bay and is located approximately 16 kilometres west of the Sydney CBD. Situated on the southern edge of the Parramatta River, Rhodes and Liberty Grove are located on a Peninsula between Homebush Bay (to the west) and Brays Bay (to the east) and are easily accessible to the surrounding suburbs and the CBD by an extensive network of public transport options.

Concord Road, passing through the area, is a key north-south road connection and river crossing linking to the Ryde Local Government Area in the north and via Homebush Bay Drive to Strathfield, Bankstown and Auburn local government areas to the south. 


Rhodes railway station is on the Northern line of the Sydney Trains network. The journey by train is 30 minutes to the Sydney CBD.

  • To Macquarie Uni and Business Park - Average travel time 27 mins
  • To Chatswood - Change trains at Epping. Average travel time 41 mins. Last returning train will require change at Epping to N80 bus
  • To Parramatta - Change trains at Strathfield. Average travel time 35 mins
  • To Strathfield - Average travel time 11 mins
  • To City - Average travel time 26 mins.

For the latest up to date information on trains to and from Rhodes train station visit Sydney trains or Transport NSW.


Sydney Buses provide services (M41, 458, 459, 533) along Concord Road and Rider Boulevard (458 only). John Whitton Bridge runs alongside the railway bridge.

  • To Top Ryde - M41, 459, 533 – Average travel 8 mins. Later time subject to timetable, catch 520 to West Ryde and change to N80
  • To Macquarie Uni and Business Park - M41, 459 Average travel time 30 mins. Late services require changing to N80 at Epping
  • To Chatswood - 533
  • To City - 533 – Average travel time 51 mins.

Note: There is also access to the M41 metrobus service which runs from Hurstville, Bexley North, Campsie, Burwood, Concord, Rhodes, Ryde, Top Ryde, North Ryde, Macquarie Park and Macquarie Centre. 
For the latest up to date information on buses in and around Rhodes visit Sydney buses or Transport NSW.


Sydney Ferries provide ferry services from nearby Meadowbank to the City and Parramatta.

  • To Parramatta - from Meadowbank Ferry Wharf
  • To City - from Meadowbank Ferry Wharf.

For the latest up to date information on ferry services close to Rhodes visit Sydney ferries or Transport NSW.

Roads and bridges

The Ryde Bridge links Rhodes to Ryde, across the Parramatta River. Rhodes is on a major north-south road system through the suburbs of Sydney, Met Road 3, which consists of Mona Vale Road, Lane Cove Road, Concord Road, Homebush Bay Drive, Centenary Drive, Roberts Road and King Georges Road. It is close to two main east-west links, Victoria Road to the north and the F4/Parramatta Road/City West Link to the south.

Proposed Homebush Bay Bridge

The Homebush Bay Bridge is proposed from Gauthorpe Street in Rhodes to Footbridge Boulevard, a street directly opposite (across Homebush Bay) at Wentworth Point. 


The BayRider is a community bus that operates on Wednesdays and Thursdays. It is a bus shuttle service for those experiencing transport difficulties, jointly run by the City of Canada Bay and Drummoyne Community Centre. 

Inner West Community Transport 

The Inner West Community Transport operates a Community Transport service that has a door-to-door shopping service on a fortnightly basis using a wheelchair-modified bus. IWCT clients are transported to local shopping centres with assistance provided to and from the bus as required. 

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