Open Space Projects

Rhodes Foreshore Park
Rhodes Foreshore Park

Open space and foreshore areas in Rhodes will focus on encouraging and promoting a sense of community through the integration of public art. Planning of the peninsula has therefore included the development of an interconnected Open Space Plan and Arts Plan alongside making improvements to the existing open space and foreshore areas.

The movement of people throughout the peninsula and around the foreshore was an important challenge facing the Open Space Masterplan. Access for the local community as well as cyclists from outside has therefore been taken into consideration as footpaths and lanes are built, improved and linked up.

Streets, buildings and public art are being developed in partnership to complement one another, with the public art providing a vibrant essence to the neighbourhood. The entrances to the Peninsula are also key focal points for the public art in order to create a sense of welcoming and identity to visitors.

Rhodes 'central park'

Brays Bay Reserve public art 'Living Memory' - In Progress

Plan of Management and Open Space Masterplan

'Shoreline Drive North Park'

Rhodes 'town square'

John Whitton Bridge

Page last updated on: 23/09/15

A place that is......

• Clean, safe and well maintained
• Accessible for all

A place that has.....

• Opportunities for fun and excitement through activated spaces
• Good quality amenities in parks and open spaces (shade, seating, fitness equipment, lighting, etc)
• Quality streetscape design with activity at the ground level – ‘getting community right at the ground level’
• An outdoor lifestyle as a key to sense of community
• Coordinated waste management, street maintenance, grass cutting, etc
• More bins and dog tidy facilities
• Community education about littering, dumping, shopping trolleys, responsible dog ownership
• Sufficient public toilet facilities
• Effective ways in finding signage, pathways, trails
• Public art integrated into the public domain and foreshore

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