Voluntary Planning Agreements

Town Square and Cumulus
Town Square and Cumulus

The Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) is a NSW planning legislation which allows developers, with consent authorities, in this case City of Canada Bay, to provide community facilities in addition to the normally provided section 94 Developer contributions. Developers are not able to "buy" a planning approval via a Planning Agreement, however if a development proposal is acceptable on its own merits, then the VPA permits the developer to provide additional amenities or facilities to the community.

We have partnered with four development companies including Billbergia, Mirvac, Meriton and Renewing Homebush Bay.

The developments involve a change in urban form, essentially allowing towers up to 25 stories, with the provision of additional embellished open space (a minimum of 17,230m²), new pathway and cycleway connections, and a new community centre.

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