Council's role

Mayor and Councillors
Mayor and Councillors

Council is now the consent authority and responsible for managing services, facilities and infrastructure in the Rhodes Peninsula.

The City of Canada Bay is taking a Place Based Approach to development, design, creation, activation, engagement and management of the Rhodes Peninsula. Council’s main focus is the delivery of over 40 social and physical infrastructure and planning projects over the next 5 years.

Traditionally, Local Government has operated along functional lines; place management challenges this approach and provides a common theme of working together more effectively towards shared goals. A place-based approach goes beyond the repair or upgrade of a particular asset, or the delivery of a specific service; it integrates various elements to provide an overall improvement in the place (and for the people) where these initiatives are being delivered.

Stakeholders have a major role in a place-based approach which  recognises that communities have an important role to play in shaping our service delivery. Involving business, residents, and other partners as delivery agents they have greater ownership and responsibility for improvments and managment. The key benefits of a place based approach are a greater return on investment, improved local communication, and strengthened local partnerships.

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