Stakeholder workshop
Stakeholder workshop

Council works in partnership with a variety of stakeholders, businesses, government departments and community organisation, to deliver services, programs and infrastructure to the area's growing population.

Stakeholders have a major role in a place-based approach in the Rhodes Peninsula. This approach recognises that communities have an important role to play in shaping our service delivery and involving business, residents, and other partners as delivery agents they have greater ownership and responsibility for improvments and managment.

The benefits fo this approach include:

  • Increasing return on our investment
  • Linking communication with action
  • Strengthening partnerships around a shared vision
  • Solving wicked problems engaging in more meaningful wap with our Communtiy
  • Delivering more effective services
  • Maintaining and creating of public assets
  • Nurturing positive relationships between various stakeholders
  • Encouraging and facilitating with active participation by the community and empowering communities to take ownership
  • Supporting and advocating for resources (fundraising, sponsorship and prioritising existing spending)
  • Ensuring accurate profiles and data is available on community trends and issues
  • Being an economic, social and environmental catalyst for change.
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