Roads, Traffic, Footpaths and Cycleway Projects

Roads, footpaths and cycleway projects
Roads, footpaths and cycleway projects

The City of Canada Bay and developers are delivering over two million dollars worth of road, footpath and cycleway projects over the next four years for the Rhodes community. For the most up to date works information see Council's Works Underway page.

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 Traffic and Road Safety Projects

Project title

Construction Dates

Delivery by

Oulton Ave & Homebush Bay Drive intersection - investigation into potential works to improve safety on State Roads

2015 - 2016 

Roads and Maritime Services

Blaxland Road & Leeds St intersection - traffic signal



Blaxland Road (Leeds St to Rhodes Station) - shared cycleway and footpath



Blaxland Road Improvements



Walker St perpendicular parking and footpath connection to Rhodes Station

2014 - 2015


Rider Blvd & Mary St intersection - implementation of traffic study  2016 - 2017  Council
Rider Blvd - new parking signage 2015 Council

Blaxland Road - Pedestrian crossing improvement



Blaxland Road - South to Homebush Bay Drive - Cycleway connection 



Road and Footpath Infrastructure Projects

 Project Title Construction dates  Delivery by
Walker St - Road and footpath renewal 2015 - 2018 Billbergia 
Averill St - Pavement renewal  2015 Council and renewing Homebush Bay 
Cavell Avenue - Pavement renewal 2015 Council and renewing Homebush Bay 
Leeds St - Pavement renewal March 2014 Council and renewing Homebush Bay 
Blaxland Road - Pavement renewal Completed Council  
Blaxland Road, East side - Footpath renewal  Completed Council 
Gauthorpe St - Half Road renewal 2015 - 2018   Billbergia
Marquet St - Half Road renewal  2015 - 2018  Billbergia and Hossa
Walker St -  Half Road renewal   2015 - 2018  Council and Billbergia 
Shoreline Drive (Gauthorpe to Peak Ave) -  New Road segment                                                                                                          Completed                   Renewing Homebush Bay
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