Our Vision and Mission

FuturesPlan20 is a twenty year plan developed to reflect the simple and clear vision that the people of the City of Canada Bay can enjoy where they live and work.

Our community wants the City of Canada Bay to be an active and vibrant city that captures the energy, diversity, pride and potential of its community. It should be a place where there are strong community relationships, good social support and healthy residents. People should be able to enjoy a range of cultural and social opportunities, recreation facilities and be actively involved in the life of their City.

Our community wants the City of Canada Bay to be a city of sustainable spaces and places; one whose residents recognise and act on their collective responsibility to protect their environment and to preserve it for future generations. It should be a city where natural assets are cherished and where the built environment is equally critical in creating a sense of identity, history and community. The buildings, streets, public open spaces and natural environment are all safe, protected and well cared for.

Our community wants the City of Canada Bay to be an innovative and engaged city, and one served by an effective local council that works with its community to balance the needs of its many and diverse stakeholders. It should be a city where collaboration and two-way flow of information between Council and residents is transparent; where community infrastructure is prioritised and where community celebration is valued.

Our community wants the City of Canada Bay to be a thriving and connected city that has successful local economic development and is served by well functioning transport and roads. People should be able to get around easily in a variety of ways and have access to prosperous village centres and exciting destinations. There should be a range of employment, educational and residential options for its residents.

All Council’s activities are aligned with these themes and seek to achieve the aims of FuturesPlan20.

Page last updated on: 01/07/13

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