Infrastructure Improvements

Roads Program

Roads program

As part of our commitment to improving local infrastructure, we are pleased to announce asphalt resurfacing works that are programmed as part of Council’s Road Resurfacing program. These works will commence in 2019 following completion of the tender process to engage a contractor.

Residents will receive notification prior to works commencing and Council is working hard to deliver improved, quality roadways for our residents with minimal disruption. Please click here for the full draft schedule of roads to be included in the 2019/20 road rehabilitation works.

To view the current schedule of works please go to our Current works page.

Drainage Program

Drainage Program

Council manages a drainage network of approximately 132km of conduits, 5100 pits and 32 gross pollutant traps, with a replacement value in excess of $133m.

The components of the drainage program include operation, maintenance and renewal.

The program aims to operate the existing network efficiently, maintain the network in satisfactory condition and renew drainage assets as they deteriorate. Council operates a drainage system where minor stormwater flows are drained via an underground pipe system whilst moderate and major flows travel overland to our waterways.

Gross Pollutant Traps (GPTs)

GPTs and other water quality devices help prevent litter from entering our waterways. See our Catchment management page for more detailed information about how we manage litter and our marine environments.

Emptying the Trash Rack from a Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT)

Emptying the Trash Rack from a Gross Pollutant Trap (GPT)

Flood studies

Exile Bay Flood Study: Community consultation was undertaken in November 2018. The Draft Flood Risk Management Plan Study will be exhibited for public comment prior to adoption. Following adoption of the Flood Study, it is intended to continue the Floodplain Management process by commencing a Floodplain Risk Management Study. This will examine the options for managing the flood risk and involve further community consultation.

Drainage works completed or underway in the current financial year

Location Works Description Status
Edwards Park, Concord Renewal of the existing pipeline, including the replacement of a stormwater line and restoration of the disturbed sports field playing surface. Completed
Bennet Lane, Mortlake Extension of existing stormwater pipe. Commencing May 2019
Noble Street and Duchess Street, Rodd Point Gross Pollutant Trap repairs 95% complete as of 13 March 2019

Drainage works under investigation

Location Works
Polding Street to Bowman Street, Drummoyne Investigation to amplify the drainage system to reduce local flooding
Lower St Georges Crescent, Drummoyne Investigation to extend existing drainage system to reduce local flooding

Foreshore Works

Location Works Status
Dunlop Reserve, Drummoyne  Seawall renewal as part of the Dunlop and Salton Reserve Master Plan. Commencing June 2019
Iron Cove/Bay Run, Rodd Point  Foreshore Protection Works - Council has completed designs in preparation to renew large section of seawall in Iron Cove near Brent Street, Russell Lea. Works are anticipated to commence mid 2019 following public consultation. To commence by mid 2019


Footpath Works

Shared Footpath - Queen Elizabeth Park, Concord
Shared Footpath - Queen Elizabeth Park, Concord

Footpath Program

The City of Canada Bay endeavours to maintain existing footpaths at a reasonable level of service. Council allocates $200,000 per year for the undertaking of these works. Community feedback on our footpaths is an invaluable source of information for the continued maintenance and improvement of our communal asset. In the interest of sustainability and good health, Council promotes walking as a transport means and positive recreational activity.

Council is currently undertaking a three (3) year footpath renewals program across the City of Canada Bay. These works are being undertaken by Council contractors.  To view the current schedule of works please go to our Current works page.

Accessible bus stop program

Council has upgraded and installed new accessible bus shelters to encourage and facilitate the community use of public transport. The targeted outcomes are to reduce the community's reliance on private car usage for transport, decrease road congestion, increase parking availability and reduce fossil fuel consumption and production of greenhouse gases.

Council has a program of works to improve pedestrian accessibility to bus stops within our local government area.

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Traffic Management

Speed Monitoring Scheme

In response to the community’s road safety concerns on speeding, the City of Canada Bay has researched and purchased a number of Speed Radar Displays (SRDs) as part of a  revamped Speed Reduction campaign. SRDs have been installed at various locations throughout the LGA. These SRDs measure the speed of approaching vehicles and display a variety of corresponding messages. One particular message a ‘Smiley Face’ appeals to motorists and is delivering game changing results in the process.

These installations have captured the attention of the community and generated constructive discussions about speeding, and through this technology Council is able to create a safer community.

Russell Lea School Traffic and Parking Management

As part of the construction of a new larger school, various changes to traffic and parking management are being implemented to safely accommodate pick-up and drop-off movements whilst balancing this against the needs of the surrounding residential area. These changes are being implemented by the Department of Education and include:

  • Lithgow Street changed to one-way northbound between Whittall Street and Potter Street.
  • Whittall Street changed to one-way eastbound between Speed Avenue and Lithgow Street.
  • ‘No Left Turn 8am-9:30am, 2:30pm-4pm School Days’ restrictions in Speed Avenue at its intersection with Whittall Street.
  • Various changes to parking restrictions.

To reinforce existing one-way restrictions in McCulloch Street, Council will be implementing new traffic islands and additional linemarking at its intersection with Barnstaple Road.

Once these changes have been undertaken and new traffic and parking behaviours established, a review will be undertaken to determine if any further works are required in the area.


Council continues to make representation to the State Government to address the traffic and transport implications within our LGA with regards to State Government  projects including; WestConnex, Parramatta Road Urban Transformation, Light Rail, Metro West, buses, heavy rail and ferries.

Bus Stop

DDA Compliant Bus Stop
DDA Compliant Bus Stop

Bus Stops

Council is upgrading bus shelters and supporting infrastructure across the City to encourage the use of public transport, thereby, helping to manage traffic congestion and parking demand. The new designs provide a ramp for easy embarking and disembarking, tactile ground surface indicators to assist the blind or vision impaired to identify the bus stop and boarding point, allocated space for wheelchair users and standard wheelchair height.

Council's upgraded bus shelters will achieve the Public Transport Disability Access Standard, where practical.

Playground Works

Current projects

Program Update

Salton Reserve

New Playground

As part of our Let’s Play Strategy and our commitment to improving local playgrounds, we are excited to announce that works on the first stage of the Salton Reserve and Dunlop Reserve upgrade and playground are ready to start.

The new playground at Salton Reserve will provide a variety of play equipment for children from 2 to 14 years of age.

Feedback from our consultation with residents conducted in April and October 2018 was incorporated into the final design which includes a pirate ship, a spring animal and accessible basket swing. A shade sail and new seating will also be installed to take advantage of the beautiful views across Parramatta River.

The proposed works have an estimated value of $92,000. It is expected works will commence at the start of March and last approximately four weeks, weather and site conditions permitting.

The hours of work will be between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday. During the works period, we will endeavour to minimise disturbance and disruption to traffic and pedestrians.


Roberts Reserve

Playground Upgrade


As part of our commitment to improving our local parks, we are undertaking over $75,000 in upgrade works to the Roberts Reserve playground. Construction is scheduled to commence early March 2019 and last approximately three weeks, weather and site conditions dependent.

The new play equipment includes a play unit, a carousel, log steppers and new soft fall mulch. The existing double swing set will be retained and a shade sail will be installed.

Whilst this playground will be temporarily closed during the upgrade works, there are playgrounds available in both Five Dock Park and Nield Park which are located within a short distance of Roberts Reserve.

We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience during the works.

5 Senses Garden, Rhodes Park
Playground Upgrade


In collaboration with Inner West Neighbour Aid (IWNA), the City of Canada Bay officially opened the 5 Senses Therapeutic Garden in February 2019. Designed in a way to promote inclusion, the space provides a nature play environment and accessible community garden, offering all local residents the opportunity to become involved in food growing and other activities.

The garden features local indigenous plants, bush tucker and a beautiful path painted by indigenous artist, Joe Hurst. It is a peaceful space where visitors can enjoy the sensory pleasures of fragrant plants, artwork and the sounds of children using the playground.

Henry Lawson Park

Playground Upgrade

As part of our Let’s Play Strategy and commitment to improving local playgrounds, we are undertaking works to install new shade sails and softfall repairs at Henry Lawson Park. The work has an estimated value of $60,000 and a commencement time frame of early May is planned.

Tom Murphy Reserve Upgrade

We are ready to start works on the Tom Murphy Reserve upgrade.

The proposed works have an estimated value of $200,000 and are expected to commence in late August, with completion planned by late October, weather and site conditions permitting.

The hours of work will be between 7am and 5pm Monday to Friday. During the works period, we will endeavour to minimise disturbance and disruption to traffic and pedestrians.

The closest nearby playgrounds can be found at Cabarita Park and Kendall Reserve in Cabarita and Howse Park in Concord.

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Parks and Reserves

Henry Lawson Park Foreshore - Stage One

Stage One works are for the extension of the foreshore path, providing a connection to Henry Lawson Park. Community consultation ended on 21 December 2019. Comments are being reviewed for the final design in preparation for the Tender process. Works are expected to commence before the end of the current Financial Year.

Dunlop Reserve

The design for Dunlop Reserve are being finalised. Works will begin with repairs to the seawall, followed by landscaping as per the consultation design. 

Due to safety reasons, the playground at this location will remain closed until the works commence. It is scheduled to be dismantled by mid-year after the seawall works have been completed.

Bayview Park

The footpath upgrade at Bayview Park was completed in 2018. A new rotunda has recently been installed and is available for park visitors to use. A water refill station near the wharf will be installed towards the end of May 2019.

Cabarita Park

We are ready to start on the upgrade of memorial Avenue, Cabarita Park! Community feedback from the consultation conducted between July and August in 2018 was incorporated in the final design.

The works estimated at $250,000 will involve resurfacing of the access road and reconstruction and sealing of the parking bays.

Works are expected to commence at the end of March 2019 and due for completion by mid May, weather and site conditions pending.

Eastern Foreshore Lighting - it is expected that the foreshore lighting along the eastern walkway at Cabarita Park will be completed by June 2019.

Lewis Berger Park & Mill Park

Consultation for the installation of outdoor exercise equipment was undertaken in October 2018. Community feedback was taken into consideration and informed the final designs. The all users exercise equipment has been ordered and is due to be installed at both sites in May 2019.

Wangal Reserve

On 14 November 2017 Council adopted the Wangal Reserve and Punt Park Plan of Management and Masterplan.

The Plan of Management was developed in accordance with the Local Government Act 1993 to guide Council, as the owner of community land, in the future management of Wangal Reserve and Punt Park.

Stage One of physical works at these sites (in accordance with the Plan of Management) will occur during 2019. These works will include new plantings, upgrading of lighting, new amenities such as seating and bbq facilities, path improvements and demolition of the shed at Punt Park.

Sports Field Lighting Projects

In the last two financial years, Council allocated funding for the improved usability of our sporting fields in order to meet the needs of our increasingly active community. The table below illustrates the sports fields that have been installed and those that will have lighting upgrades in the current financial year.

Sports Field Description of works Project update
Cintra Park Installation of sports field floodlighting Completed
Ron Routley Reserve Installation of sports field floodlighting Completed
Five Dock Park Installation of sports field floodlighting Completed
Rothwell Park Installation of sports field floodlighting Completed
Jessie Stewart Reserve Installation of sports field floodlighting Completed
Majors Bay Reserve Installation of sports field floodlighting Modifications to works that were undertaken in 2016
Lysaght Park Installation of sports field floodlighting Tender has closed. Works expected to be delivered by June 2019   


Five Dock Revitalisation - Streetscape Upgrade Works

Five Dock revitalisation
Five Dock revitalisation

Five Dock - Streetscape Upgrade

The City of Canada Bay is committed to improving and maintaining our town centres and villages. Vibrant town centres contribute to the social and economic wellbeing of our communities and we are supporting our community and local businesses by planning for Stage Two (Queens Road to Henry Street) of the Five Dock streetscape upgrade. Stage One works along Great North Road between Lyons Road and Henry Street concluded in mid-2017.  

In 2015, Council undertook community consultation on the Five Dock Streetscape Concept Plan. Over the past year, Council has reviewed and undertaken amendments to the original concept plan.  

The revised Stage Two concept plan outcomes include:

  • Planting of street trees and shrubs
  • Installation of high quality pavements and street furnishings
  • Improvements to the drainage system.  

The revised concept plan was on public exhibition from Saturday, 1 September to Friday, 28 September 2018.

Council is currently working with the NBN delivery authority to coordinate the works.

For more information about these works, please visit our Five Dock Revitalisation - streetscape upgrade main page.

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The Connection - Rhodes Community Precinct Project

The Connection, Rhodes

The Connection, Rhodes

The City of Canada Bay has delivered a modern, multi-purpose community precinct - The Connection, Rhodes - that provides services and programs for the growing and changing needs of the population. 

The Connection caters for a wide range of events and purposes: from small group classes in The Meeting Space and workshops on the latest digital technology in The Learning Space to celebrations for 300+ guests in The Event Space and digital art exhibitions in The Digital Gallery.

Located at 30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes, the precinct officially opened in January 2017. For more information about the facility, please visit The Connection, Rhodes website

Project history

The community precinct site was originally identified as the location for a community centre in the Renewing Rhodes Development Control Plan (2001), this was re-enforced by the Rhodes West Master Plan (2010). This land is located on the foreshore and is framed by Shoreline Drive and Gauthorpe Street.

The 2001 development control plan allowed for a 550m² building. The revised Rhodes West Master plan (2009) allowed for over double this size to accommodate the needs of the additional population. The Community Facilities Resourcing Strategy (2012) further reinforced the need for a multipurpose community precinct. Consultations as part of the development of the Rhodes Peninsula Place Plan and Rhodes Peninsula Arts Plan further reinforced the needs and aspirations of the growing population of Rhodes. The community has identified a vision for The Connection as a community hub - a place for people to meet, gather and get involved in a range of activities. Residents see it as an opportunity to combine some of the key things that people in the Peninsula like – walking, the waterside experience, places for people to meet and socialise, cafés and restaurants.

What was delivered?

The overall design delivers a vibrant precinct offering a variety of activities across the day and a space that is sustainable socially, environmentally and financially. The Connection provides spaces for the whole community to undertake a range of activities, incorporating ecological sustainable design principles and a mix of community and income generating uses to assist operating costs, assisting in ensuring the Precinct is financially sustainable.

The Connection includes:

  • Restaurant and café on the waterfront, The Learning Space (a City of Canada Bay Libraries service), creative suites, digital gallery, Council facility management space, public toilets and both active and passive flexible community spaces, allowing for activities such as topic talks, student study spaces and interactive displays
  • Multipurpose auditorium hall, available for hire including kitchen and an outdoor terrace
  • Variety of meeting spaces and rooms for hire, including storage, toilets and outdoor areas; places to develop community programs, activities and entertainment
  • External spaces for the whole community including, innovative waterplay, green ‘rooms’ and high quality outdoor spaces
  • Large scale public artwork by Brook Andrew, connecting internal and external spaces
  • Reconfigured car parking on Shoreline Drive, bicycle parking, seating, trees, bubbler, and public toilets.

Assessment of the Application 

The development application was assessed by an independent planning consultant and determined by the Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) established by the State Government. The JRPP provides independent, merit based decision making on regional development. 

Why this location? 

This location was identified during the NSW State Government’s master planning process for the urban renewal of the Peninsula in 1999. This site is located centrally and is adjacent to open space areas. 

How was the project funded? 

Funding of $21 million was allocated to the Community Precinct project. The project is funded through section 94 funds and Voluntary Planning Agreements that Council has negotiated with Rhodes developers. It is a legal agreement which authorises developer contributions for a variety of public benefit. Additional uplift development was allowed to create improved community amenity including more open space like ‘central park’, as well as improved community infrastructure like the Community Precinct, ‘town square’ and footpaths and cycleways.


The works were undertaken by our contractor, Kane Constructions and construction is now complete, with the restaurant, Bare Witness, having opened in May 2017.

Project timeframe 

These time-frames were subject to consultation, development approval, and tendering processes. 

Project timeframe
Research & Community Consultation regarding community needs - 2011-2013 (and ongoing)
Calls for expression of interest for resident participation in Community Precinct Advisory Group - March/April 2013
Project brief developed - April/May 2013
Expression of interest and design competition for Consultants - June/July 2013
Four Concept Plans developed and community feedback sought - September/October 2013
Preferred Concept chosen - December 2013 
Design plans developed - 2014 
Development Application submission - July 2014 
Resident notification period - July/August 2014 
Independent Assessment by Joint Regional Planning Panel - 2014 
Tendering for project - 2015 
Construction commences - August 2015 
Project completion - 2016 

For more information regarding venues for hire call 02 9911 0277 or email

For more information regarding The Learning Space call 02 9911 6332 or email


Sign up for the @rhodes e-updates on Council’s website by clicking on the quicklink to the right.

Water for Our Community

Water for Our Community

Did you know that in October 2015 Council officially opened the Cintra Watershed? The Cintra Watershed is the water treatment plant delivered as part of the award winning stormwater harvesting - Water for our Community project.

During 2016 we harvested over 250,000,000L of stormwater for irrigation. The stormwater is taken from a stormwater canal beside Concord Oval, filtered, disinfected and then pumped via 4.9km of underground pipeline to 15 playing fields and our two golf courses (220 hectares of open space).

The figures are in and our two golf courses at Massey Park and Barnwell Park have reduced their drinking water consumption by a massive 84 per cent compared to the same time last year.

Our playing fields are in the best condition they have been in years. Locations such as Edwards Park have seen increased usage, which is a huge benefit to our community and local sporting clubs. The grounds are soft and provide a better playing surface to prevent injuries. We have secured a sustainable source of water to irrigate our open spaces making us resilient to drought. By keeping our fields well irrigated we are also reducing the ambient temperature of these sites.

The Water for Our Community project has been made possible thanks to a $1.89 million dollar grant from the Australian Government's National Urban Water and Desalination Plan, funding from the NSW Government's Climate Fund as well as Council funding.

For more information visit: Water Security for the City of Canada Bay.

WestConnex - a State Government project

WestConnex is the biggest transport project in Australia and a crucial part of the State Government’s integrated transport solution including public transport and road infrastructure to keep Sydney moving. The project, which is expected to cost $14.9 billion in total, will provide relief to the hundreds of thousands of road users struggling in traffic congestion every day and has the potential to significantly reduce regional traffic congestion on our local roads.

WestConnex will widen and extend the M4 and M5 and join them together to form a 33 kilometre continuous motorway of mainly tunnel and surface roads with connections to the city, airport and port.

WestConnex Stage 1 (M4 Widening and M4 East) from Parramatta to Haberfield will have the biggest impact on our community. The widened M4 Motorway from Church Street, Parramatta to Homebush Bay Drive, Homebush, was completed in July 2017. The extension of the M4 via tunnels from Homebush to the City West Link/Parramatta Road at Haberfield is due to be completed in early to mid-2019. The extension has the potential to ease the bottleneck at the end of the M4, saving travel time for motorists and removing cars from our local streets.

While the City of Canada Bay is supportive of the project, we want to ensure there is minimal impact on our community and are working with the WestConnex team to ensure our community is kept updated and the needs of our residents are considered during the important planning and early construction phase. We encourage our community to stay up-to-date with progress of the WestConnex project by signing up for email updates from the WestConnex Delivery Authority and visiting the WestConnex website.

While there are general benefits when measured community wide, some sections of our community may be adversely impacted by the project. These impacts mostly relate to noise, potential air pollution and reduction in amenity. As a result, Council provided feedback to the Environmental Impact Statement at the planning stage of the project which can be viewed  here and has continued to work with WestConnex during the construction phase to assist in minimising THE impacts of the works and to get the best outcomes for the community.

Further information

For anyone wanting to discuss aspects of the project, call the WestConnex community number on 1300 660 248.

Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy

New Parramatta Road
New Parramatta Road


The Strategy identified eight precincts to accommodate a diversity of land uses and densities, supported by a range of active and public transport. The vision is to transform Parramatta Road into a high quality multi-use corridor with improved transport choices, better amenity and balanced growth of housing and jobs.

Three renewal areas are identified within the City of Canada Bay LGA, including Homebush, Burwood and Kings Bay Precincts. These precincts cross the local government boundaries of Canada Bay, Burwood and Strathfield, are expected to provide an additional 17,000 dwellings to house approximately 36,100 people and provide up to 19,600 new jobs.

The Strategy has been provided with statutory weight through a S117 Ministerial Direction.

The three Councils are working in collaboration on the preparation of detailed traffic and transport and urban design plans, as required by the Strategy. The detailed plans will inform the development of planning controls to facilitate the rezoning and development of land.  Council does not support site specific planning proposals being submitted prior to the finalisation of the planning controls.

More information:

Parramatta Road Urban Transformation Strategy

Other projects in Canada Bay

Kendall Bay remediation works

Residents can visit the Kendall Bay remediation website for further information.

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Essential services and utilities - Ausgrid, Sydney Water, Telstra, Jemena, Optus, RMS

Essential services

From time to time, utility providers require access to our roads and public areas so that they can access their assets. These works can sometimes cause disruptions to traffic flow and pedestrians.

When these works are being carried out, contractors engaged by utility companies are required to have clear and visible signage, advising which provider is overseeing the works.

Below, you'll find links and contact details to the main service and utility providers.


Utility providers

Emergencies: 13 13 88
Enquiries: 13 13 65

From NSW 13 20 92
Interstate 1300 143 734
Overseas +61 1300 143 734
8.30 to 5.30, Monday to Friday.



1300 131 871 
Locked Bag 7000, Mount Waverley VIC 3149

1300 137 078 
PO Box 1220, North Sydney NSW 2059


General enquiries: 13 22 13
7am-7pm, Monday to Friday