Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Your future 2030 is a ten year community strategic plan developed to reflect the aspirations and priorities of people of the City of Canada Bay. The Plan identifies five themes and visions to guide how the outcomes will be achieved. These are:

Theme 1: Inclusive, involved, prosperous

Vision: Our diverse community enjoys a range of inclusive and accessible social, recreational and cultural opportunities and is actively involved in the life of our City. People have a sense of belonging, share strong relationships in friendly neighbourhoods and our local town centres are vibrant and prosperous.

Theme 2: Environmentally responsible

Vision: Our community shares a collective responsibility to protect our environment and actively participates in innovative programs to mitigate climate change. These programs, along with our well cared for and cherished, active and passive open spaces and waterways, are sustaining our future.

Theme 3: Easy to get around

Vision: It is easy to get around our City and wider Sydney region via a network of well-functioning and connected public transport, pathways 
and roads.

Theme 4: Engaged and future focussed

Vision: With our population continuing to grow, our community is engaged in planning for our future. The planning results in services that support our enviable lifestyle, quality open spaces, a range of housing types, commercial centres and infrastructure and developments that enhance and complement existing suburbs.

Theme 5: Visionary, smart and accountable

Vision: Our City has strong leadership and is served by an effective and transparent local government.  Smart processes and systems support both Council and the community to be more resilient, sustainable and efficient, connect easily, share knowledge, work together and be creative in finding solutions.

YOUR future 2030 also outlines Delivery Strategies that Council will use to work towards achieving outcomes for the community. These Strategies are described in full in Council’s Delivery Program and Operational Plans.