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Community funding


Community Grants Program

Applications for the 2024-25 Community Grants are now closed. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of June 2024.

Council has an annual grants program that provides financial support for not-for-profit organisations, groups and in some instances schools to undertake events, community and environmental projects across three categories:   

  • Community Project Grants  

  • Event Grants  

  • Environmental Grants  

Our funding programs cover a wide range of events, activities, services and projects that benefit our community and meet aspects of our Community Strategic Plan. Click here to access our Community Strategic Plan 'Our Future 2036'. To support your application further, you may also like to refer to Council's Safety and Crime Prevention PlanDisability and Inclusion Action Plan 2021-2025 and The City of Canada Bay's Social Issues Paper.

Before applying for funding, you must also read the City of Canada Bay Community Grants Guidelines 2024. Find out how you can apply for each category below.

Community Project Grants 

The Community Project Grants provide support for local not-for-profit organisations and projects that benefit City of Canada Bay residents. The grant priority outcomes are:

Social Connections:

  • Increase participation in community activities 
  • Improve connections and social networks 
  • Increase the social and physical well-being of residents 

Community Development: 

  • Address issues that cause disadvantage and inequalities 
  • Strengthen networks and partnerships between community organisations and groups 
  • Improve access to community services and resources  

A total of $72,000 in grant funding is available in two different categories for the 2024-2025 financial year: 

  • Social Connection Grants — funding up to $2,000. 
  • Community Development Project Grants — funding up to $7,500 for community development projects and programs. 


Event Grants

Council is delighted to offer support to community organisation and not-for-profits to host events that benefit our community. Council has an expectation of a return on investment, such as increased profile through the initiative’s publicity and promotional activities.

Applicants may seek an Event Grant from Council in the following ways:

  • In-kind contribution (waiver of Council venue hire fees and charges)
  • Cash contribution
  • A combination of in-kind and cash contribution.


Environmental Grants

Council is pleased to announce the availability of Environmental Grants, designed to foster sustainability initiatives within our local community. This grant is dedicated to supporting projects that advocate for sustainability, including behaviour change, community involvement, and the enhancement of skills necessary for contributing to environmental outcomes. The focus of this grants program extends beyond mere infrastructure developments to encompass a broader range of sustainability efforts.

These grants are a key component of our commitment to achieving the strategic sustainability goals set forth in YOUR Future 2030 and relevant plans and strategies, ensuring alignment with our vision for a sustainable and resilient community.

The program aims to:

  • Encourage and support environmental and sustainability outcomes in City of Canada Bay
  • To foster community engagement in projects that protect or enhance the environment
  • To encourage projects that develop knowledge, skills and active involvement about and for the environment
  • To deliver environmental outcomes that align with Council's YOUR Future 2030, Environment Strategy and Resource Recovery & Waste Strategy

A total of $30,000 in grant funding is available in two different categories:

  • Support Grant — funding up to $1,000 to expand on existing projects
  • Development Grant — funding up to $3,000 for the implementation of new projects.


Applications are also now open for the City of Canada Bay 2024 ClubGRANTS Category 1. Find out how to apply, as well as resources to help you with grant applications, in the drop-down menus below.

ClubGRANTS Program

ClubGRANTS is an initiative of the NSW Government and ClubsNSW to provide funding for community development projects and services in local areas. There are three categories of ClubGRANTS. However, Council is involved with Category 1 funding only in its role as the Local Committee convenor.

Category 1 funding is for projects and services that contribute to the welfare and broader social fabric of the local community and are aimed at improving the living standards of low income and disadvantaged people. Funding is provided for community welfare and social services, community development, community health services and employment assistance activities. Projects must also address local funding priorities.

The City of Canada Bay 2024 ClubGRANTS Category 1 open on Thursday, 1 February 2024 and close Friday, 31 May 2024.

The City of Canada Bay priorities are:

  • Increasing inclusive opportunities for people with disabilities, older people, young people and people from culturally diverse backgrounds.
  • Addressing social inequities for young people, children and their parents (particularly women) to encourage participation and support health, wellbeing and community development.
  • To support and promote active and healthy living including physical and mental wellbeing through access to health, fitness, cultural programs and community development activities.
  • Increasing a sense of belonging and harmony in the community by providing intergenerational opportunities and knowledge sharing.
  • Programs of interest or support for our First Nations, multicultural and LBGTQIA communities.
  • Low cost and accessible.
  • Promoting volunteering and building connections.
  • Connecting residents in higher density and growing communities.

To apply, visit Canada Bay ClubGRANTS 2024

Visit the ClubGrants website for more information.

Category 2 provides funding for general community development such as sporting and recreational groups, veterans’ welfare and similar services. Applications are generally accepted all year round.

Contact individual clubs for further information. Participating clubs:

Category 3 is available for the upgrade or construction of large-scale community infrastructure projects such as sporting facilities and community halls, cultural venues and emergency relief facilities.

Funding is managed by the Office of Responsible Gambling.

Find a grant

Local residents, businesses and community groups looking for grants and funding now have access to the City of Canada Bay's Grant Guru service, a custom search tool which hand-picks grants and funding opportunities specifically for residents, businesses and community groups in the City of Canada Bay. To find a grant, go to

Other funding provided by Council

Fee waivers for sports ground and community facilities — on occasion Council does support community events with full or partial fee waivers. This can be applied for as part of the sponsorship program for events.

Local Heritage Assistance Fund — encourages conservation work with dollar for dollar grants available up to $3,000 to owners of heritage items and up to $2,000 to owners of contributory buildings in conservation areas.

Applications can be received anytime and are only accepted for work that has been completed and paid for. Applications will be assessed for approval every three months by the Heritage Advisor.

Small Grants Program for Individuals and Teams — supports individuals and teams participating in amateur local, regional, interstate and overseas events from the following categories:

  • Sports competitor
  • Cultural/arts achievement
  • Academic/literary achievement.

Rusty Priest Scholarship Program — Council established the Rusty Priest Kokoda Scholarship to develop leadership skills in high school students. For more information please contact Council's Operations Manager, Community Services on 9911 6248.

Grant writing resources and help

Steps to writing a grant application

If you're thinking about applying for a Council grant, read the below before you get started on your application. 

1. Prepare

  • Read the grant guidelines to ensure your project and organisation is eligible.

  • Register your organisation to access SmartyGrants (if not already registered). A helpful guide for applicants is available through SmartyGrants.

  • Start on your project application early in the application period.

  • Have a clear idea of your project. This includes what activities you will be running, when and where, who will be organising the activities and why you are running these activities.

  • Read the grant assessment selection criteria thoroughly. Consider how your project will address the criteria and how you will support this with some form of evidence.

  • Understand the implications if you are successful – are you ready to deliver the project? Can you meet the timeframes and the monitoring or acquittal requirements?

  • If your grant application requires Public Liability Insurance (PLI), you can apply for once-off insurance through Local Community Insurance Services. A successful grant applicant should hold insurance that provides coverage for the entire event.

  • Contact Council to ask for clarity on the grant program if you need it.

2. Write

  • Collect all supporting documentation before you start writing, for example quotes, budgets, insurance documents, letters of support.

  • Clearly and succinctly describe the project and the problem you are trying to address and the intended outcomes.

  • Explain how the project aligns with the objectives of the grant.

  • Ensure you answer the questions. Re-read the questions and make sure you fully understand what is being asked.

  • Use data, statistics and evidence of past experience in delivering projects to support your application.

  • Write in clear English, avoid acronyms and jargon, and be specific about your project, identified needs and desired outcomes. Do not use generalisations.

  • Ensure spelling and grammar are correct, and the application is within the word count.

  • Ensure budget figures add up, check that all budget items are eligible under the grant criteria.

  • Identify the community groups that will benefit from your project.

3. Check

  • Show your application to someone who has never seen the project or heard you talk about it. After reading it – ask them to explain it to you. Did they understand your project?

  • Refine your application and repeat this step until the other person can clearly and easily describe the project back to you.

4. Submit

  • Submit before or on time as late applications are not accepted.

  • Submit all supporting documentation and evidence.

  • Keep a copy of your application and notification that your application has been received and any identification code for future reference.


Not-for-Profit requirements for Grants

A not-for-profit organisation is one that does not operate for profit, personal gain, or the benefit of particular people, including its members, the people who run the organisation, or their friends or relatives.


Incorporation requirements for Grants

An incorporated organisation has a legal structure which is set up under law. Generally, incorporated organisations have a minimum number of members and are managed by a committee that meets at least annually. They are a legal entity that has set rules for operation listed in a constitution.

NSW Fair Trading registers incorporated organisations in NSW. You can search the NSW Incorporated Organisation Register on the NSW Fair Trading Website.

Or an organisation can be registered as a charity with The Australian Charities and Non-for-Profits Commission (ACNC). You can search for a charity organisation through the ACNC website. 

Auspicing is where an incorporated organisation assists a smaller organisation or individual who is not eligible for funding on their own to obtain grant funding.

The auspice organisation is responsible for managing the grant funding and reporting on the expenditure of the grant funding (acquittal). Your organisation will remain responsible for delivering the project or activity.

To apply for a grant via an auspice organisation, you will need a letter stating that the organisation agrees to act as an auspice for the grant funded project. You will need to provide details from the auspice organisation such as contact details, their incorporation number and their ABN.


How to apply through SmartyGrants

Applicants must use SmartyGrants to submit an application to Canada Bay Council’s grants.

A Help Guide for Applicants is available to help you navigate and apply through the website.


Funding Centre – Answer Examples

The Funding Centre's Answers Bank is designed to help you frame your thinking when presented with questions on a grant application form that you are not sure how to answer. Answers should be adapted to your own organisation and project.


Drop-in Information Session – come along for help with applications

If you need further help with your application or wish to discuss your application in person, a drop in session is scheduled for:

  • Tuesday 2 April 2024, 4:30pm to 6:30pm at the Concord Library Meeting Room.