What goes where

Bagged recycling

For our kerbside recycling system to work, all recyclable materials need to be placed loose into kerbside recycling bins. 

Recycling that is tied up inside plastic bags and placed in your kerbside recycling bin will not get recycled, as bags cannot be opened at the sorting facility. Instead they get sent straight to landfill, wasting your effort and the valuable materials inside. 

Why can’t sorting facilities open up plastic bags? 

Opening up plastic bags is too dangerous for staff at the facilities, as they have been known to occasionally hold needles, chemicals and other toxic waste. The bags themselves can also become tangled in sorting machinery, causing costly delays and breakdowns.  

Keep your recycling loose! 

You can collect your recycling inside anything as long as you tip it in loose into the recycling bin. Most people find it easiest to use a bin, crate, box or a hanging reusable bag which gets filled up, tipped out and brought back inside to use again. 

RecycleSmart - Book a pick up for clothing, soft plastics, e-waste and more

Canada Bay is partnering with RecycleSmart to offer recycling collections directly from your household over the next 6 months. For $2 a bag, RecycleSmart offers a door-to-door PickUp collection service of these tricky items that don’t belong in the recycling bin:

  • E-waste – small items such as old phones, charging cords, laptops, tablets, play-stations, kettles, toaster, iron, etc.
  • Soft Plastics - This includes any plastic that you can crunch up in your hand. For example, food packaging, plastic bags, bread plastic bags, bubble wrap etc.
  • Clothing - All wearable clothing, shoes, belts and handbags.
  • Problem waste - This includes house hold batteries, sealed tins of paint, polystyrene, fluoros light globes, printer cartridges, x-ray films, smoke alarms and more.

You don’t even need to be home on the day!

Register to book a pickup online, or download the RecycleSmart app today. 

RecycleSmart logo and website link


Recycling Stations for batteries, mobile phones and cartridges

The City of Canada Bay provides drop off locations for household batteries, mobile phones and printer and ink cartridges. Recycle these items at the following locations:

  • City of Canada Bay Civic Centre - 1a Marlborough Street, Drummoyne

  • Concord Library - 60 Flavelle Street, Concord

  • Five Dock Leisure Centre - Corner Queens Road and William Street, Five Dock

  • Five Dock Library - Level 1, 4-12 Garfield Street, Five Dock.

For other recycling options, please see below:

  • Household batteries: ALDI Supermarkets

  • Mobile phones: Mobile Muster

  • Printer and ink cartridges: Cartridges For Planet Ark.

Charity Clothing Bins

Clothing and textiles

There are also charity clothing bins available at the following church sites:

  • St Bede’s Anglican Church Drummoyne

  • St Marks Catholic Church Drummoyne

  • All Hallows Catholic Church Five Dock

  • St Albans Anglican Church Five Dock

  • St Mary’s Catholic Parish Concord

Charities appreciate clean and usable donations in wearable or working order. Please do not leave items outside or around the base of charity bins.

City of Canada Bay has also partnered with RecycleSmart to PickUp your reusable clothing and textiles for recycling. At just $2 per bag, pack as many bags as you wish, leave the bags at your door or under your letterbox, and schedule a PickUp using the app or website.

For more information and further options for clothing recycling, visit the RecyclingNearYou clothing and textile recycling website.

Please note, the previous Clothing Cleanup service has been suspended until further notice due to COVID-19. 

Reuse and repair

Did you know Council partners with the Bower Reuse and Repair Centre to provide residents with a free collection and rehoming service?

This means, if you have unwanted furniture or other items at home that you no longer want, you can call the Bower. The Bower can't accept all donations due to space, functionality, low demand or other reasons, so the Bower may refer you to some of the 1000 organisations or charities within their rehoming database. These organisations repair, reuse or resell your wanted goods, keeping them out of landfill.

This service is available free of charge to residents of the City of Canada Bay. For more information, please visit the Bower Reuse and Repair Center's website.

You can also visit the Bower Reuse and Repair Centre just like you would any other reuse or op-shop. The Bower sell thousands of goods from household items such as crockery and furniture to outdoor and building materials like tiles or bikes. Visit the Bower today because reuse matters.

Community sharps disposal (including needles)

Council provides local disposal options for the safe collection of community sharps. Sharps can be taken to the following locations for free disposal:

  • Chemist Warehouse: 89-91 Great North Road, Five Dock

  • Concord Road Pharmacy: 197 Concord Road, North Strathfield

  • Concord West Pharmacy: 25 Victoria Ave, Concord West

  • McIntosh Pharmacy: 16 Cabarita Road, Concord

  • Pharmacy 4 Less: 125 Great North Road, Five Dock

  • Pharmacy 4 Less: 213-215 Parramatta Road, Five Dock.

Please take care when transporting sharps to a disposal location.

Education, videos and events

Recycling videos in your language

Did you know that on average, each household in the City of Canada Bay incorrectly places 73 kg of recycling in their red lidded waste bin each year? Learn how to reduce your waste and recycle right! Click here to view the City of Canada Bay recycling videos in your language.

What goes in my bin?

Problem household wastes

Drop off your problem wastes for recycling, including paints, batteries, oils and gas bottles at the City of Canada Bay Community Recycling Centre.

E-waste recycling and drop off day

The City of Canada Bay hosts a free e-waste drop off event in February each year at Cintra Park car park.

Annual Household Chemical Cleanout

The City of Canada Bay hosts the Household Chemical CleanOut event annually (during October) at Cintra Park car park in Canada Bay.