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Driveway obstructions


When a parked vehicle partially or completely obstructs a driveway, there are several options available to residents.


A vehicle obstructing a driveway is illegally parked and Council rangers can infringe the vehicle. You can request enforcement by reporting the problem to Council on 9911 6555.

Alternate ideas

For persistent problems many residents have found that the problem can be reduced by installing a prominent sign on their gate or garage doors, saying 'Please do not obstruct driveway.'

Painted lines

Residents may request Council install white perpendicular lines either side of the driveway to act as a guide to motorists. Council will only do so if the applicant agrees to pay the current fee for installation and also any future maintenance required. For the 2022/2023 financial year the fee for installation is $273 including GST. For these lines to be installed please click here to complete a Line Marking Perpendicular to Driveway Application Form.

No Parking signs are not normally approved

Installation of enforceable 'No Parking' signs in residential streets is not recommend by Council, Police or the Roads & Maritime Services. This is due to the potential proliferation of signposts and their impact on the neighbourhood amenity.