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Graffiti Removal Services


The City of Canada Bay is serious about combating graffiti

Council offers a free graffiti removal service for private and commercial property within the local area.

If your property is the target of a graffiti attack, or you notice other graffiti on private or Council property, you can report this to Council and we will arrange for its removal. You can report graffiti by one of the following means:

Council's graffiti removal policy does not cover removal of graffiti where it is:

  • On surfaces above 2.4 metres in height from the ground
  • In areas where the operator needs to enter a private property to remove the graffiti
  • On premises occupied by large businesses or organisations such as banks, petrol stations, supermarkets, shopping malls etc.
  • On infrastructure owned by utility providers e.g. Telstra, Roads and Maritime Services, Ausgrid, Australia Post etc.
  • Glass etching
  • Where the building is graffiti guarded with a special graffiti protection coating (graffiti guard coatings require the use of specific special chemicals for removal)
  • In areas that are developer owned.

If the graffiti in question is on installations owned by other service or utility providers a report should be made to the relevant body.
If you have any questions about Council's service you may call Council's Cleansing Coordinator on 9911 6555.

Asset example


Email or website

Phone report

Telegraph poles, electricity boxes etc


13 13 65

Phone boxes, Telstra buildings etc


13 22 03

Post boxes, Post offices etc

Australia Post 

13 76 78

Traffic signal boxes and lights etc


13 22 13

Railway stations and property

Transport NSW

13 15 00