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Planning Agreements

A Planning Agreement (PA) is an agreement entered into by Council and a developer. Under the agreement, a developer agrees to provide or fund public amenities, public services, affordable housing or other infrastructure.

Planning Agreements cannot be entered into unless public notice has been given and an explanatory note is made available for inspection for at least 28 working days.

Council's Policy for Planning Agreements

Council's updated policy on Planning Agreements became effective on 17 November 2020 and can be downloaded below:

The purpose of the Policy is to establish Council's policy and procedures on the use of Planning Agreements.  The Policy provides a short overview of the objectives, principles and requirements in relation to Planning Agreements in the Canada Bay LGA.

Canada Bay Planning Agreements Register

Current Planning Agreements in the City of Canada Bay are provided below. Hard copies are able to be viewed at Council's Administration Centre during business hours, 08:30am–4pm.

Further Information

If you are considering making an offer to enter into a Planning Agreement, it is critical that you discuss it with Council staff as early as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays in the assessment of your development application or planning proposal.

To discuss a potential Planning Agreement, or for further information on Planning Agreements within Canada Bay LGA please contact Council on 9911 6555