Strategies & policies

State of the Environment Report

Council reports on its targets as part of the end of term report within the Community Strategic Planning framework, YOUR future 2030.

Below documents include information on:

  • Targets
  • Projects undertaken
  • Our action and response to environmental issues
  • Statistics on key indicators such as energy and water consumption.

Published reports to date

Environmental Strategy

The Environmental Strategy was adopted by Council in November 2014. It is an overarching document and includes targets and action plans for our environmental programs such as biodiversity and the natural environment, the built environment, climate change, community education, energy, water, waste, transport, food and events. View the document here:

Energy Management

Council has made a number of commitments to increase the uptake of renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through our commitment to;

 1. Implementing the Greenhouse Action Plan which includes 75 actions measuring and addressing energy, water and waste. View the document here: Greenhouse Action Plan 

2. Implementing the SSROC Renewable Energy Master Plan which includes a variety of regional actions to increase the proportion of energy consumed in the region that is derived from renewable sources. View the document here: Renewable Energy Master Plan 

Water Efficiency Plan

The Water Efficiency Plan identifies the top ten water consuming sites of Council buildings and sporting facilities, looking at the amount of water used and how the water is used. Water saving opportunities are identified for each site and prioritised according to costs and payback period.

Nature Strip Planting Policy

City of Canada Bay guidelines to creating native nature strip plantings on local nature strip:

Sustainable Food Strategy

This strategy promotes sustainable food choices within the community focusing on growing food and choosing healthy, local and seasonal options. The strategy includes an action plan and targets. View the document here:

Litter Strategy

Councils litter strategy and implementation plan provides a five year direction for preventative litter action across the City. It aligns with the Southern Sydney Regional Organisations of Council’s (SSROC) Regional Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery strategy and Regional Litter strategy. The key theme of the strategy is to move Council to a proactive and preventative delivery program through the delivery of litter prevention actions and ongoing maintenance programs to increase the amenity of the area.