Strategies, policies and targets

Discover our ambitious actions for a sustainable Canada Bay

Connected to nature, racing to zero

Our and community and stakeholders tell us they want us to lead on climate action. Here's what we are doing.

Our Environmental Strategy 2020 sets our ambitious actions for leadership in Council's operations and a thriving Canada Bay community. 

Key goals and targets

Connected to nature


Zero waste to landfill

Recycling bins

Net zero emissions

Solar panels

Resilient city

Broughton St cycleway

25% tree canopy cover by 2040.

Swimmable Parramatta River. 

No loss of native species. 

Reducing waste sent to landfill per person by 20% by 2030.

Increasing diversion of landfill from 38% to 60% by 2027.

Organics collection and recycling program diverting waste from landfill by 2026.

All Council facilities and offices to implement recycling by 2021 and a food recovery program by 2023.

100% of Council procurement for civil works, construction and street furniture to include preference for locally sourced recycled content by 2023.

Net zero Council operations by 2030.

Net Zero Canada Bay community by 2050.

Triple the amount of solar PV capacity in Canada Bay by 2025. This means further 17 MW of solar PV capacity across all sectors of the community, as monitored and reported by the Clean Energy Regulator (CER).

25% tree canopy cover by 2040.

5% of trips made by cycling by 2036. 

20% of trips made by walking by 2036. 

Increase EV charge points in LGA. 

30% increase in total km of cycleways. 

Strategic plans:

Strategic plans:

Strategic plans:

Strategic plans:

  • Resilience strategy and targets being developed

    Cities Race to Zero

    City of Canada Bay will join cities and local governments around the world in the Cities Race to Zero, following a motion approved by Council in September 2021.

      • Council declared a climate emergency in 2019 and has committed to the 1.5°C goal in its Emissions Reduction Action Plan and Net Zero commitments for operations and community.
      • Council's Emissions Reduction Action Plan is a holistic program to address climate change. We are currently updating our climate adaptation plan and reviewing our climate risk assessment. Our planning documents such as the Local Strategic Planning Statement support our position to tackle climate action.
      • From 2021, Council will report on environmental performance as part of its Annual Report and as required in the local government integrated for local government Integrated Planning and Reporting.
      • By 2022, Council will also report annually on our Race to Zero, using the CDP-ICLEI Unified Reporting System.
      • Council already gathers environmental footprint data using our environmental management platform (Council operations) and Resilient Sydney platform (community).

    Climate emergency

    The City of Canada Bay is one of more than 1,000 local governments and jurisdictions worldwide to declare a climate emergency. Our community and stakeholders have provided feedback for Council to show leadership in emissions reduction and to support Council’s climate emergency declaration.

    Council's Emissions Reduction Action Plan align with the C40 (no more than 1.5°C) approach for both the Council and Community targets. C40 is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change. Cities that commit to being part of C40 need to have a plan to deliver their contribution towards the goal of constraining global temperature rise to no more than 1.5°C. In Australia, Sydney and Melbourne are members. 

    Leadership in Council operations

    Net zero operations

    Emissions targets: 61% less than 2017-18 by 2025, net zero by 2030

    We will achieve our corporate emissions reduction pathway by implementing 60+ initiatives over time, from FY2020-30. Timings are indicative and may be changed to reflect needs during the development of each subsequent Operational Plan and 4-year Delivery Program.

    • Council currently buys 20% renewable electricity from Moree Solar Farm and has committed to buy 100% renewable energy from July 2022. We are part of Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) programs to increase use of renewable energy.  

    • Council has committed to phasing out gas in Council operations from July 2021.

    • Six Council facilities now benefit from on-site solar power generation: The Connection 99kW, Concord Library 56.4 kW, Civic Centre 52.2 kW, Five Dock Depot 24.6 kW, Concord Senior Citizens 9.36 kW, Concord Community Centre 5kW

    • So far, half of Council’s streetlights have been replaced with efficient LEDs. This has made significant reductions in both electricity use and greenhouse gas emissions. Further lighting energy efficiency projects are in development.

    Read our Emissions Reduction Action Plan for details how we plan to achieve net zero emissions. 

    Towards zero waste operations

    In 2021, Council released its Resource Recovery and Waste Strategy. This is our action plan to provide services that support our community to reduce waste to landfill and reduce waste from our own operations. 

    • All Council facilities and offices will implement recycling by 2021 and a food recovery program by 2023
    • In 2021 we updated our our Sustainable Procurement Policy and will be implementing this starting FY2021-22
    • 100% of Council procurement for civil works, construction and street furniture to include preference for locally sourced recycled content by 2023

    Water efficient operations

    • Our Water Efficiency Plan sets water efficiency actions and priorities for Council's top 10 water consuming buildings and sporting facilities. 

    Making it happen

    Our goals and targets are implemented through our land use planning policies, services we deliver to the community and how we manage our people, facilities and money.