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Local off-leash areas


Did you know the City of Canada Bay is home to over 15,000 pet dogs? We understand how important it is to have local off-leash areas, especially as more and more Sydneysiders live in apartments or townhouses, with little or no access to grassy areas.

In 2019, we adopted our Dogs in Public Places Strategy which outlines our plan to provide places where dogs can play and exercise off-leash while balancing the needs of other park users. 

Please remember the following when out with your dog
  • Failure to pick up your dog's faeces is an offence under the Companion Animals Act 1998 and commands a penalty
  • Failure to control your dog by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash (unless in a Council declared off-leash area) is an offence under the Companion Animals Act 1998 and commands a penalty
  • You must ensure the safety of other community members and their pets
  • Pets must be identified and registered
  • Dangerous dogs and restricted dogs must be on a muzzle.
There are some public places where dogs just can't go

Pet dogs are not allowed in the following areas, and failure to keep dogs from these areas is an offence under the Companion Animals Act 1998 

  • Within ten metres of children's play areas
  • Child care centres and school grounds
  • Public bathing areas where dogs are prohibited
  • Recreational areas, for example organised games
  • Shopping areas where dogs are prohibited
  • Wildlife protection areas, this also applies to cats
Why it's important to keep your dog on-leash

The City of Canada Bay is one of the few areas in Sydney where critically endangered Bar-tailed Godwits still survive. They are sensitive to disturbance and fearful of dogs. If you own a dog, you can help protect these birds from extinction.

“My dog is playful and will not harm the birds!”

The problem is not dogs killing birds, it is dogs chasing or disturbing birds when they need to forage. Migratory shorebirds need to feed sufficiently to rebuild their strength for the 11,000km flight back to the Arctic summer. If they don’t get enough food or rest, they are unlikely to survive their journey.

How can dog owners help protect the Godwits?

  • Obey leash laws – keep your dogs on a leash, especially along the foreshore, and never allow them to chase birds.
  • Go around large flocks of birds – whether they are feeding or resting, these birds need plenty of space. If birds run or fly away, you are too close.
  • Clean up after your dog – picking up your dog’s poo reduces the chance of harmful bacteria impacting other dogs, wildlife and the water quality of Parramatta River.

Click here to read more about protecting our Godwits and how you can be a responsible dog owner. Please note penalities may apply for not following notices regarding animals under Section 632, Local Government Act 1993.