Local off-leash areas

COVID-19 update

In accordance with State and Federal authority guidelines to monitor group activities and maintain social distance, Council asks users to be mindful of Government Health Authority guidelines as they undertake outdoor activities.

We are asking that people stay home if they are sick, maintain social distancing of 1.5m between themselves and others and to practice good hygiene at all times.

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Dogs in Public Places Strategy

In December 2019 Council adopted a Dogs in Public Places Strategy.

Designated unrestricted off-leash areas and designated time-restricted off-leash areas are listed in the strategy. Maps have been included to resolve confusion around where the boundaries of the off-leash areas are located. You can view a copy of the strategy here.

Designated unrestricted off-leash areas 

  • Battersea Park (Concord end of the park) Battersea Street, Abbotsford
  • Cintra Park - Lyons Road West, Canada Bay
  • Drummoyne Park (above Drummoyne Oval) Bayswater Street, Drummoyne
  • Five Dock Park (fenced area near Five Dock Skatepark) Ingham Avenue, Five Dock
  • Henley Park, Flavelle Street, Concord
  • Kendall Reserve - Kendall Street (fenced area), Cabarita
  • King George V Park - Concord Road (fenced area), Rhodes
  • Lysaght Park (on Five Dock Bay) Byrne Avenue, Chiswick
  • Majors Bay Reserve Nullawarra Avenue, Concord
  • Powells Creek Reserve - Conway Avenue, North Strathfield
  • St Georges Crescent Reserve (opposite Sailing Club) St Georges Crescent, Drummoyne
  • Timbrell Park (western end, beyond the children's play area) Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock
  • Storey Park (beside RSL Bowling Club) McKinnon Avenue (off Lyons Road), Five Dock.

Designated off-leash areas before 9am and after 5pm only

  • Brett Park - (the flat area) Sisters Crescent, Drummoyne
  • Halliday Park - (on Hen & Chicken Bay) Udall Avenue, Five Dock
  • Queen Victoria Street Reserve - Queen Victoria Street, Drummoyne
  • Taplin Park - (western end near Thompson St) End of Thompson Street, Drummoyne
  • McIlwaine Park - Concord Rd, Rhodes (northern end of park)
  • Mill Park - Shoreline Drive, Rhodes - (north of the outdoor fitness station).

Designated off-leash area between 6am and 10pm only

  • Phoenix Park - Shoreline Drive (fenced area), Rhodes.

Pet owner responsibility in public areas

  • You must pick up your dog's droppings and place in the doggy bin provided: Offence - Sect. 20 - Fail to remove faeces. Penalty applies.
  • A dog in a public place must be under the effective control of some competent person by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash (unless in a Council declared off-leash area): Offence - Sect. 13 - Dog not under effective control. Penalty applies.
  • You must ensure the safety of other community members and their pets.
  • Pets must be identified and registered.
  • Dangerous dogs and restricted dogs must be muzzled.
  • Towards Zero: tackling dog poo litter


  • Assistance animals (e.g. Guide Dogs) are allowed to accompany their owners in any transport vehicle, public place or eating area. They do not have to pick up their dog droppings.
  • Working Dogs (as defined in the NSW Companion Animal Act 1998) do not need to be registered, identified or be on a leash. Dog droppings must be picked up.
  • The relevant legal restrictions do not prohibit a dog (other than a dangerous, menacing or restricted dog) from being in an outdoor area if - 
    • the dog is under the effective control of some competent person and is restrained by means of an adequate chain, cord or leash that is attached to the dog, and
    • the person does not feed the dog or permit the dog to be fed, and
    • the dog is kept on the ground.


All penalties are outlined in the Companion Animals Act 1998. More information on companion animals can be found on the NSW Office of Local Government's website in the responsible pet ownership section.

Off-leash areas

Prohibited public places for pets

  • Within 10 metres of children's play areas
  • Child care centres and school grounds
  • Public bathing areas where dogs are prohibited
  • Recreational areas - e.g. organised games
  • Shopping areas where dogs are prohibited
  • Wildlife Protection Areas. This also applies to cats.

Offence - Sect.14: Dog in prohibited place.
Offence - Sect.30: Own cat found in prohibited place. Penalty applies.

Map of dog parks in the City of Canada Bay

Map of Dog Parks in the City of Canada Bay