Sustainability at home


Have you considered solar for you home, rental, apartment, or business?  

Need other resources?

  • Energy Made Easy is a Government website that assists people to find the right energy plan by comparing all the providers

  • NSW Home Solar Battery Guide helps households interested in buying battery systems

  • Energy Rating is a Government website which assists people in explaining the star rating program

  • Energy Rating App is a Government app (downloadable from Google Play or iTunes) which identifies the best light bulbs to replace your incandescent and halogen bulbs and also identifies how much you could save by transitioning to LED or CFL

  • Department of the Environment & Energy this Government website assists people by allowing a comparison of products

  • NABERS for apartment buildings program assists in reducing energy use in apartments, and Council recommends that strata committee investigate joining.

These programs are supported by Council's Environmental Strategy and Emissions Reduction Action Plan, which set out important goals including  achieving net zero emissions from the community by 2050.

Our new Resource Recovery and Waste Strategy is also focused on reducing emissions at home.