Duty Planner

The Duty Planner Service will operate as only a phone-based service until further notice. 

In order to assist you in understanding Council's planning controls and the development assessment process, we provide a free Duty Planner service from 9am–12pm, Monday to Friday. 

The service is designed to provide preliminary advice on planning-related enquiries associated with properties and development proposals.  Please note: due to the high demand on this service, we are unable to go through all of Council's controls in detail or provide a detailed assessment of any development proposal you may be considering. 

To access the Duty Planner service you will need to book an appointment through our on-line booking system below.

All appointments are for a maximum of 15 minutes and you will need to answer some standard questions in order for us to ensure that your enquiry is efficiently directed.  You will also be required to provide some basic details on your enquiry.  This will enable us to ensure that you make the most of your 15 minute appointment as it will allow us to gather information on the type of enquiry you have.  You can also attach information such as a sketch plan or a photo etc to the enquiry text screen to enable the Duty Planner to provide you with effective and accurate advice during your appointment.

It is recommended that you use Council’s Pre-Lodgement Panel for any large or more complex proposals. Details of this service are available on the link to the left hand side.

If you wish to book a Duty Planner appointment, please answer the following questions: 

Is your enquiry related to exempt and complying development?

(Note: The Duty Planner does not provide advice on Complying Development including the Medium Density Housing Code. Please contact Council's Building Services Team)