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Future planning

The City of Canada Bay is responsible for the strategic land-use planning of urban renewal sites in our local area. Some of these renewal projects are led by Council, while others require Council to undertake detailed local planning to align with policy and strategic directions prepared by the NSW Government.

Click on the links below to view current projects.

Local Strategic Planning Statement

The LSPS informs Council’s other land-use plans, studies and strategies including Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP), Development Control Plan (DCP) and Development Contributions Plan and identifies additional strategies and policies that will be developed.

The LSPS was prepared in accordance with clause 3.9 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (the EP&A Act). It gives effect to the NSW Government’s state-wide and regional planning priorities, including directions and actions of A Metropolis of Three Cities 2016-2036 (Region Plan) and the Eastern City District Plan 2016-2036 (District Plan).

Download and read the plan and the supporting strategies:

Victoria Road Urban Design Review

The Review sets a vision for the future of the shopping strip, consolidates the outcomes of the community engagement that has been undertaken, and establishes a desired future character for the area, potential improvement to public space and also amendments to Council’s planning controls.

For more information please refer to our Victoria Road Urban Design Review page on Collaborate Canada Bay.

Five Dock Town Centre Revitalisation

Five Dock Town Centre Urban Design Study 

The Five Dock Town Centre Urban Design Study provides a bold and exciting vision for Five Dock and seeks to ensure that the centre continues to provide a strong focus for the community, is a better place to live and work, creates improved opportunities for investment, is easy to get around and provides an enhanced built environment.

The study comprises two parts:

Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy


Council has finalised Stage 1 (2016-2023 release areas) of the State Government’s Parramatta Road Corridor Urban Transformation Strategy (PRCUTS). The new Local Environmental Plan (LEP) was published on Friday, 16 December 2022 and is now in force.

Council has now commenced work on the background studies that will inform Stage 2 of PRCUTS, with the intention to exhibit a planning proposal mid 2024, to implement the remainder of the PRCUTS redevelopment area.

The purpose of the Strategy is to transform Parramatta Road into a high-quality multi-use corridor with improved transport choices, better amenities and balanced growth of housing and jobs.

The new development will be supported by new community infrastructure, as required by the LEP and PRCUTS Stage 1 Infrastructure Strategy.

Visit Collaborate Canada Bay for more information about Stage 1

Concord West Precinct

A number of industrial sites within the Concord West Precinct have been identified for potential rezoning for predominantly residential purposes.

A Masterplan was prepared in May 2014 and provides a framework for the rezoning of land.

The Masterplan is supported by:

  • A socio-economic study,
  • Traffic, transport, accessibility and parking reports,
  • A draft flood study,
  • Considerable consultation with landowners, stakeholders and the community.

A copy of the reports are provided below.

Should you have any questions regarding the reports provided above, please contact Strategic Planning on (02) 9911 6555.

Planning for the Future of Rhodes

The NSW Government rezoned land on the eastern side of the rail line and a smaller area on the western side of the rail station on 30 October 2021 following the finalisation of its Rhodes Place Strategy. The land is identified as the Rhodes Precinct.

Development within the Rhodes Precinct must meet objectives and requirements set out in the Canada Bay LEP 

Subsequent to the finalisation of the Rhodes Place Strategy, Council has updated its Site-Specific Development Control Plans (DCPs) to align with the NSW Government rezoning. 

The following documents are relevant to Rhodes Precinct:

More information on the Rhodes Precinct can be found here.





Sydney Metro West

Sydney Metro West was announced in March 2018 as the NSW Government’s plan to double the rail capacity of the Parramatta to Sydney CBD corridor.

Three of the nine new Metro stations are within the City of Canada Bay and Council is working collaboratively with Metro to ensure good urban design outcomes for these station precincts.  The stations will be located at:

  • Strathfield, at the existing station
  • Burwood North, within the Burwood-Concord PRCUTS precinct,
  • Five Dock local centre.

Two rounds of community engagement have been undertaken and draft Planning Studies have been prepared.

For more information, please refer to the Metro West Precincts page on Collaborate Canada Bay.