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Integrated Planning & Reporting

Integrated Planning and Reporting

The NSW Government introduced the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework in 2009 to assist councils in delivering their community vision and long term objectives through long, medium and short term plans and reporting. The purpose of the framework was to formalise best practice strategic planning across NSW councils to ensure a more sustainable local government sector. 

This page contains Council's most up to date planning documents, including the Community Strategic Plan, Delivery Program, and annual Operational Plans. To read more about Council's reporting, click here to visit our reporting page.

Diagram of the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework

Community Engagement Strategy

The Council, under the Local Government Act 1993, is required to have a community engagement strategy, based upon social justice principles, for engaging the community when developing the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) and for other planning activities. The purpose of this strategy is to outline the processes Council will use to engage the community in a range of planning contexts. It describes how the Council's Community Engagement Policy will be implemented and it informs how individual engagement action plans will be developed and carried out. 

Follow the link below for information about how we engage.

Community Engagement Strategy

Community Strategic Plan

The Community Strategic Plan (CSP) represents the highest level of strategic planning undertaken by a local council. All other plans developed by the Council as part of the Integrated Planning and Reporting framework reflect and support the implementation of the Community Strategic Plan. 

Our Future 2036 is the Community Strategic Plan for the future of the City of Canada Bay. The plan reflects the aspirations and priorities of the community that were identified following extensive engagement.

The CSP identifies goals that are implemented through the four-year Delivery Program.

Based on what you said throughout the extensive engagement processes, the plan identifies five key directions:

  1. Connected community

  2. Sustainable and thriving environment

  3. Vibrant urban living

  4. Infrastructure and transport

  5. Civic leadership.

Our Future 2036 will be reviewed following the next Council election.


Key documents:

Delivery Program and Operational Plan

The Delivery Program is a high-level document that sets out the projects, programs and services Council has committed to deliver during its term of office, which works towards the strategic goals as identified in the Community Strategic Plan, Our Future 2036.

The Operational Plan sets out the details of the Delivery Program, detailing every activity to be undertaken by Council in a specific year to achieve the commitments made in the Delivery Program. 

The Operational Plan includes a detailed budget and Statement of Revenue Policy. Council's Fees and Charges can be found here

Council reports progress against the Operational Plan on a biannual basis.

Delivery Program 2022-26 and Operational Plan 2023-24

Delivery Program 2022–26 and Operational Plan 2022–23

Operational Plan 2021-2022

Operational Plan 2020-2021

Resourcing Strategy

Council's Resourcing Strategy identifies how the goals and aspirations identified in the Community Strategic Plan, Our Future 2036, and actioned through the Delivery Program, will be prioritised and achieved.

The Resourcing Strategy comprises of three components: 

  • Our Workforce

  • Our Assets

  • Our Finance.

The Resourcing Strategy is also intended to make clear what elements of the Community Strategic Plan the Council will take responsibility for. Other levels of government, business, non-government organisations, community groups and individuals will also have a role in achieving the outcomes of the Community Strategic Plan.

Resourcing Strategy