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Stormwater requirements

Council is responsible for the maintenance of the public stormwater system which drains the local area. This system collects stormwater from both public and private property and conveys it through kilometres of pipes to creeks, rivers and lakes. 

Stormwater Drainage Concept Plan

Council has prepared guidelines for the management of stomwater runoff from all types of developments within the City of Canada Bay. The objectives of these guidelines are: 

  • To provide uniform guidelines and ensure their consistent application in the assessment and conditioning of development applications in relation to stormwater runoff
  • To minimise adverse impacts on properties caused by stormwater runoff from developments
  • To ensure that the quality of water entering our waterways is not adversely affected by pollutants such as nutrients, pathogens and siltation resulting from development sites. 

If you are proposing development work within the City of Canada Bay, you may need to prepare a Stormwater Drainage Concept Plan. Check the relevant DA Checklist for your development type to determine if you need such a plan. You should also refer to the DA Appendix and the DCP - Appendix 2 Engineering Specifications to ensure your plan addresses the level of detail required. A Stormwater Flowchart is also provided as a quick reference for Council's requirements.

For enquiries relating to stormwater design and Council’s Specification, please contact our engineering staff on 9911 6555.

Soil and Water Management Plan

If you are the owner of a site where construction works are taking place, you and your builder are responsible for ensuring that soil and sediment arising from the works do not leave the site and/or enter the stormwater drains.

A Soil and Water Management Plan detailing how erosion and sedimentation will be prevented from leaving the construction site during the works is required to be submitted to Council with most development applications. Please refer to the relevant DA Checklist and the DA Appendix to determine whether you need to submit one of these plans.

For further information, please refer to our Construction Sites web page and the Stormwater Pollution from Building Sites fact sheet.

Water Sensitive Urban Design

Water Sensitive Urban Design is the integration of urban planning and development with the management, protection and conservation of the water cycle as a whole. 

For more information please refer to Council’s Water Sensitive Urban Design page.