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Street libraries


Street libraries

Street libraries are a fun and free way for neighbours and passers-by to make connections and share and spread the joy of reading. They work by people leaving books in the library that they no longer need and would like to share with others. Someone else can pick up a book and take it home to read and enjoy. When they have finished with it, they can return it to the same street library, another street library or pass it on to a friend. All kinds of books, for adults and children alike can be shared in a street library.

In 2018, Council worked in partnership with the Street Library not-for- profit organisation and gifted 18 street libraries to local residents who volunteered to become street librarians. These people are in the process of decorating, installing and filling the libraries with books, all across the City. Why not find a street library near you and ‘take a book, give a book, share a book’?

If you would like to become a street librarian and install your own library, you can buy one from Street Library, or build your own, maybe even from upcycled materials. You can find some inspiration here.