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Minor works exemptions


Development consent is not always needed for minor works to a heritage item or a property in a heritage conservation area.

The Canada Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 provides for minor works to heritage items and to buildings within heritage conservation areas to be excluded from the need to obtain development consent if a heritage exemption letter has been issued by Council in accordance with Clause 5.10(3) of the Canada Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013.


  • The work has not started or been completed.

  • The work is minor. Minor work is that which would be exempt under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 if the property was not a heritage item or in a heritage conservation area.

  • The work would not have an adverse impact on heritage significance.

  • The proponent has notified Council in writing using the application form.

  • The work must not commence until the proponent has received a letter from Council advising that an exemption from the need to obtain development consent has been granted. You will also be advised if your application is refused.

Your application must include:

  • A drawing showing the exact location of the proposed work in relation the building/place.

  • A detailed description of the proposed works.

  • Photographs of the building/place as a whole.

  • Photographs of the area of the proposed work.

  • Product samples/brochure (if the application is for repainting, a colour sample must be provided).

There is no fee for this application.

What happens after I apply?

Your application will be assessed by Council staff. You will then receive a letter (via mail or email) advising of whether or not your application has been successful. Typically you can expect a response within 3 weeks.

What if my work is not minor?

If the work is not minor in nature or scope, you will need to lodge a new development application or submit a new application with a revised scope of works. 

What if I have a question?

You can speak with Council’s Heritage Coordinator by phoning 9911 6555.