Commercial waste

Information about your commercial waste service

Download the ‘City of Canada Bay Waste Info’ app (available in your app store) or Contact Council’s Waste Hotline on 1300 551 659 Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm for any of the following:

  • Details of your collection day or week
  • To arrange repair/replacement of damaged or stolen bins
  • To report missed services
  • Help on the correct bin to use for different items.

Find out about programs and assistance for businesses as part of the NSW EPA Bin Trim Program.

Find a recycler or recycling equipment at Planet Ark’s Business Recycling Directory.

For more information on reducing waste and ensuring your business is sustainable, visit our Sustainable Business page.

Applying for new bins or changes to commercial services

All properties classified Commercial or Non-Rateable in Council’s rating system can elect to have a Council or private company waste collection service. Council offers the equivalent of its residential bin service to commercial properties with the exclusion of the kerbside bulk household collection.

Fill in one of the below forms to apply for a paid council collection of your business waste and recycling. The form must be lodged to commence, increase, decrease or cancel a waste service, and a minimum two weeks’ notice must be given for any changes.

While Council’s commercial property waste collection service operates 5 days a week, (Mon-Fri), commercial properties electing to use Council’s commercial service will only be serviced once a week. The servicing day will align with the residential collection zone of the area your property is located within.

Waste, recycling and garden organics services are available with the following collection frequencies:

  • Waste, collected weekly
  • Recycling, collected fortnightly
  • Garden Organics (optional), collected fortnightly (alternate week to recycling)

All commercial properties wanting to utilise Councils service are required to have a recycling bin as part of their service.