Projects and programs

Here is a list of Council's current projects and programs rolling out across the City.

Mind Our Mangroves

The Award winning Mind Our Mangrove Project began in 2017 and continued into 2018. The project aims to raise awareness of foreshore residents and broader Canada Bay community about the importance function of mangroves in maintaining ecosystem health. And the detrimental impacts of vandalism by some foreshore residents to improve their water views.

Through a series of interactive workshops Council offered photography and art courses in addition to educational mangrove tours to engage with local residents.  Over 200 people participated in the Rive Tours in 2018, to experience the Mangroves from a different perspective along the Parramatta River. Sydney Olympic Park Authority educators provided the technical scientific information at each of the workshops.

Residents who participated in the photography workshops took some beautiful photos of mangroves. Art classes created some stunning art using golf leaf and sketches using ink and different painting techniques. The walking tour groups were able to get up close to the mangroves, even tasting the salt on their leaves.

Two school groups were also involved in the project. In 2017 Victoria Avenue Public School children have created some bespoke artwork, with the help of a local artist. Their glass artwork will be installed in 2 foreshore parks and will help remind locals about the importance and beauty of mangroves.

Picnic Project in Cabarita & Mcllwaine Park

In 2018 Council received a grant from the Environmental Protection Authority to launch the Picnic Project. The Picnic project aims reduce litter in Cabarita and McIlwaine Park. These regional parks with their pristine foreshore views are a popular destination for weekend picnickers.

As part of this project Council has completely renewed the bin infrastructure in both parks by installing 44 new bin surrounds. During the summer months Council Officers will visit the park to talk to people about litter and how to leave no trace. Picnickers will be encouraged to pledge to love these parks by putting their rubbish in the bin.  

Love Your Place

The Love Your Place program is a free community partnership with the City of Canada Bay and local the local community. The program encourages community groups, residents, local businesses and schools to get involved in the preservation and enhancement of our many great parks, open spaces, streets, foreshore and playgrounds. Bring your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues together to increase pride and cleanliness in your neighbourhood. City of Canada Bay will provide the materials and support needed to complete your clean-up activities.

As a Love Your Place partner, you will:

  • Act as ambassadors at your nominated site

  • Host a minimum of two community clean-up days a year

  • Report illegal dumping, graffiti, damaged facilities and anti-social behaviour at the nominated site

  • Regularly visit your nominated site to monitor its upkeep and report maintenance requirements to Council.

In return, to keep your nominated place clean and green, Council will provide you with:

  • Clean-up kit with first aid kit, trash pickers, gloves, rubbish bags and hi-vis vest

  • Educational material such as display posters, pamphlets and dog poo bags 

  • Support and promotion of mini events

  • Commitment to Work Health and Safety.

Get involved:

The first step is to nominate a site you and your group would like to adopt. Then submit an application form to Council and the Sustainability Projects Officer will contact you to meet and discuss your application. Once approved, your clean-up kit will be sent to you!

For more information download the Volunteer Information Package or contact Council via email or call 9911 6555.