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Local Government is an elected system of government directly accountable to the local community. All of the elected representatives, known as councillors, work together to provide good governance for the benefit of their local community.

Council Elections

Under the Local Government Act 1993, Council elections are held on the second Saturday in September every four years. By-elections are conducted periodically when a councillor vacancy occurs.

The last local government elections in the City of Canada Bay were in 2017, following the State Government’s decision not to follow with Council amalgamations.

Councils can conduct their own elections or elections can be conducted by the NSW Electoral Commission.

To find out more visit the Electoral Commission NSW website.

City of Canada Bay Council Composition

There are nine Councillors (including the Mayor). The Mayor is a popularly elected Mayor, with the Deputy Mayor being elected by the Council on a one year term.

View the 2021–2024 Elected Council.

2024 General Election - 14 September 2024


The next election is scheduled for Saturday, 14 September 2024. 

All City of Canada Bay residents on the electoral rolls will vote in the Council election on Saturday, 14 September 2024. You can check if your enrolment details are up to date with the Australian Electoral Commission. Further information is provided below.

Key information and dates

Non-Residential roll: non-resident owners, occupiers and rate paying lessees can apply to be placed on the non-residential roll to be eligible to vote in the election. Applications to be on the non-residential roll close at 6pm Monday, 5 August 2024.

Nominations for candidates: commence on Monday, 5 August 2024 and close at 12 noon on Wednesday, 14 August 2024.

Postal voting: applications commence on Tuesday, 6 August 2024 and close at Monday, 9 September 2024. 

Pre-poll voting: commences on Saturday, 7 September and closes Friday, 13 September 2024.

Further details on pre-polling and polling locations will be released in future.

Candidate information:

Voting information:

Do you want to work at the Council election?

​​​The 2024 election for the City of Canada Bay will be managed by the NSW Electoral Commission.

People who would like to work at the September local government elections can now submit an application through the Commission’s 'expression of interest’ website.

Applicants can work on the day (Saturday 14 September) in a polling place, or for longer periods in a returning office or in one of the pre-poll voting centres.

For more information about working at elections, please visit the NSW Electoral Commission website or call 1300 135 736.