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DA pre-lodgement panel

DA Pre Lodgement Meetings

Due to the complexity of some types of development proposals, prospective applicants should consider obtaining more detailed professional advice than is available through the Duty Planner service.

The DA Pre Lodgement meetings are held on a fortnightly basis with senior Statutory Planning staff providing verbal advice on more complex proposals such as multi-unit housing developments, mixed use developments, child care centres and industrial or commercial developments etc. This service is also available for smaller scale residential developments such as heritage listed dwellings or dual occupancies. If, following a review of your proposal by Council staff, it is considered necessary, these meetings can also be attended by other technical staff such as stormwater engineers, heritage advisor, building surveyors and environmental health officers.

The DA Pre Lodgement Meeting service is designed to ensure your DA, when lodged, is processed with minimal delays that can result from requests for amendments/additional information and drawn-out negotiations. The service will also focus on achieving good environmental planning and urban design outcomes whilst ensuring that the expectations of the community and Council are taken into consideration.

Once you have lodged the plans you wish to receive advice on and pay the required fee ($985 for large scale developments or $620 for low scale developments), a senior planner will undertake a preliminary review of the plans and contact you to arrange a meeting. Council will not provide written notes of the meeting, but you are encouraged to take your own notes for your records.

For more information on the Panel, please refer to the Development Application Pre-Lodgement Application Form.

If your proposal involves a multi-unit housing development or a mixed use development affected by the provisions of State Environmental Planning Policy No. 65 – Design Quality of Residential Apartment Development, or a Boarding House under the provisions of State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) your proposal will be referred to Council’s Design Review Panel for advice (if this is required to pay the Design Review Panel fee of $3000). You will be notified of the Panel meeting date and you and your designer will be required to attend. A written response detailing the Panel’s advice and comments on your proposal will be provided to you as soon as possible after the Panel meeting is held.