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Street numbers


The City of Canada Bay is the responsible authority for determining street numbers. 

Our aim is to maintain accurate street address data to ensure that the requirements of Emergency Service Responders and other service providers are met.

New street numbers for subdivisions and developments

An application for property numbering must be lodged with Council for approval prior to any new street address being assigned.

Requests to change a street number

Requests to change a street number generally involve an application fee ($309).

Requests need to be made in writing by the property owner and need to include an appropriate justification requests based on luck, religion, feng shui or the effect on property values will not be considered. Requests to change street numbering should be consistent with Council's Street Numbering Policy.

To request a change of address, please complete the application form.

How we determine property addresses

The main pedestrian access from a road to a property (i.e. the front door) is what determines a property's street address.

Properties must have the street number clearly displayed and visible from the road. The letterbox must be located on the front boundary of the property and close to the main access with the allocated street number clearly displayed and legible from the road.

Council have the right to request the street name to be displayed on the building together with the street number.

Landowner responsibilities

Council will advise the following service providers of any changes to street addresses:

  • Ausgrid
  • Australia Post
  • Sydney Water
  • Australian Electoral Commission
  • Land Registry Services

While Council will advise the above list of services, we are unable to inform other agencies, organisations or personal contacts of the change of address.

Therefore, landowners and/or developers are responsible for informing all other agencies or organisations, business contacts, family, friends and acquaintances and amendments to business and personal stationary, of changes to the street address.

It is the landowners' responsibility to ensure the correct street number is appropriately displayed within the time frame allocated by Council (generally 30 days).

All costs associated with changes to street numbering shall be met by the property owner or the developer.  This includes the replacement or relocation of letterboxes, cost of new numbers or amendments to numbers on buildings.

Street number patterns

Street addresses will be consecutive and where a street address has been allocated to a property, then that address must be used.

Odd and even numbers cannot be used on the same side of a road. Odd numbers will generally be allocated to the left-hand side of a road, and even numbers to the right-hand side, commencing from the start point.

Every lot will be allocated a street address, including reserves, schools, public utilities, drainage reserves and the like.  Usually one street address will be allocated per lot but in case of the granny flats the additional numbers can be created.

Ranged addresses e.g. 1–9 Smith Street, are not permitted according to the NSW Addressing User Manual. These addresses will be reviewed as applications for addressing approval are received, and single unique numbers will be allocated e.g. 1 Smith Street.

Multi-level properties of two levels or more must be addressed in the “hotel style”, e.g. G01, G02, U 101, U 102, U 201, U 202 etc. with the first part being the floor/level number and the last two digits being the unit numbers. ​​​​​Omission of “4”, “13” or other numbers for religious or feng shui reasons are unacceptable.

Duplication of addressing in Strata lots is not permitted. Units, offices, shops and suites must all be uniquely numbered e.g. G01, Shop G02, Suite G0.

Where there is no provision for the addition of addresses for a new development between existing street numbers, suffixes can be used e.g. existing properties are 1 and 3 Smith Street with a new development between, means the new development can be addressed 1A Smith Street. Suffixes shall start at ‘A’ and will not exceed ‘E’, sequentially in the same direction as the numbering of addresses. Please indicate whether the unit is residential or commercial, where commercial properties will be named as “Shop” or “Suite”.