Heritage Advisory Service

The City of Canada Bay provides a Heritage Advisory Service, which includes free advice from the Heritage Advisor to owners of heritage-listed properties and properties within conservation areas. 

The Heritage Advisor is available to provide advice on issues such as: 

  • Pre-DA advice on heritage items and sites within a conservation area (or adjacent to a heritage item or conservation area)

  • General advice on development constraints due to heritage listing (e.g. pre-purchase advice)

  • Appropriate maintenance of heritage items. 

In order to allow the Heritage Advisor to give relevant advice, it is a good idea to bring photographs of the interior and exterior of the property and the site, as well as sketch plans of proposals to the meeting.

Please note that the Heritage Advisor is not able to provide detailed design services to property owners and owners should consult design professionals where necessary. 

Council's Heritage Advisor is at Council on Mondays and Tuesdays by appointment only.  To speak with the Heritage Advisor, contact Council's Customer Service Centre on 9911 6555.