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Community gardens

An integral part of Council's food sustainability strategy is to promote productive urban agriculture. We encourage the community to grow their own food by providing ongoing gardening education programs and support the development of community gardens.

Community gardens are shared spaces where locals can come together to create productive gardens, sharing knowledge and skills and facilitating supportive community networks. These spaces can be located on public land such as parks or on property belonging to organisations such as churches and schools. 

Currently, all gardens are managed by local community groups. To join a local garden you will need to contact the garden directly and these contact details are provided within each garden tab. Local residents wishing to start a community garden on Council land should first read the Community Gardens Policy and Community Gardens Guidelines. These documents outline the process for establishing new gardens, including conducting a site assessment and discussion of the proposal with Council to identify any possible issues before applying.

Resources and links

The City of Canada Bay developed its first community garden in 2012. This garden is called Concord Community Garden and it is located at 1a Gipps Street Concord, directly behind Concord Community Centre building.

The garden was designed in collaboration with the community and is managed by a committed, local resident group who are responsible for the gardening, maintenance and garden membership. Community members are encouraged to visit the garden and attend the monthly meetings.

Contact details

Please visit Concord Community Garden.

Prompted by interest from a local community group, Council has developed the Chiswick Community Garden at Blackwall Point Reserve in Chiswick. The garden has been upgraded to include 4 garden beds, growing a variety of herbs and vegetables. The gardens have new seating and garden shed and has been designed to be accessible for the whole community, with provision for wide access for wheelchairs. The group is growing its membership and invites new members.

You can drop in to meet the garden members at their regular meet-ups, which are currently every Sunday morning at 9.30 am for about 1.5 hours of gardening.    

Contact details

Please email the Chiswick Community Gardeners.


Drummoyne community garden is located on the grounds of Drummoyne Preschool and is independently operated. Join this new and expanding garden to grow, care for and harvest fruits and vegetables with your local community around Drummoyne. 

Contact details

Contact the garden via their website.   

The Rhodes Community Garden is a group of local volunteers committed to establishing a community garden in Rhodes. They are not only establishing a local community garden but are on a journey to teach locals the benefits of worm farming, recycling organic waste from the great local restaurants and greening their fantastic suburb. This garden in scheduled for some upgrade works in 2019 so stay tuned for more information.

For more information contact the garden or  drop-in to their meetings on the second Wednesday of every month at 7pm at Luis de Torres Café 7 Rider Boulevard. To sponsor this great initiative, please call 9911 6555.

Contact details

Please visit the Rhodes Community Garden website or Facebook page.

The Five Senses Garden project is an innovative collaboration between the City of Canada Bay and Inner West Neighbour Aid. The garden is an accessible space for all ages and abilities, incorporating food growing, nature play, bush tucker plants and a sensory garden.

The garden opened in early 2019 and is a welcoming haven for residents, community groups and gardeners alike and hosts a range of gardening, creative and wellbeing workshops. People can also get involved in the garden by participating in regular working bees.

Contact details

Please visit 5 Senses Garden website. 

The Rhodes Mobile Garden provides a small taster of the community garden experience. Its home base is The Connection, 30 Shoreline Drive Rhodes and has been created by the Council to support local sustainable living programs. It is used to host gardening workshops both at the Connection and at special community events around the City.

Contact details

Please contact Council on 9911 6555 or