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Customer Service

We offer a One Counter Solution for most Council services. Customer Service staff are multi-skilled and able to assist with a wide range of enquires, including:

  • Rate payments and enquiries
  • DA/related certificate lodgement (Civic Centre only)
  • Planning and Finance certificates (Civic Centre only)
  • Animal registrations
  • Parking Permits
  • Lodgement of all Council forms

Enquiries related to filming or use of Council parks and sporting fields, should be directed to the Recreation Bookings Coordinator via email  

Concord Library Customer Service desk

In addition to our Customer Service desk at our Civic Centre in Drummoyne, Council also operates a Customer Service Desk at Concord Library every second Wednesday from 12:30–3:30pm. Click here to see dates. This Customer Service desk can assist with:

  • Rate payments and enquiries
  • Animal registrations
  • Parking Permits
  • Lodgement of all Council forms.

If you have any questions about this service please call 9911 6555.

Justice of the Peace service

Council's JP service is available at the Drummoyne Civic Centre, Monday to Friday from 8:30am–4pm. Please ensure that you are practising social distancing and following recommended hygiene measures when attending. The JP Register and a list of additional JP venues can be found here.

JP services are also available at Concord and Five Dock Libraries. Please click here to book.

Duty Planner (phone service only)

Council's Duty Planner service is usually available at the Drummoyne Civic Centre, Monday to Friday from 8.30am–1pm. Due to recent developments with Coronavirus (COVID-19), the Duty Planner Service will operate as only a phone based service until further notice. You will need to book an appointment through our online booking system. The Planning and Development section of this website contains all relevant planning controls. The property information and application search tools enable you check the status of your development application.

Forms and fact sheets

All Council forms and fact sheets are stored in one central location.


We can accept cash, cheque, EFTPOS and credit card (except Diners). Please note both Visa and Master credit card transactions will incur a 0.6% surcharge, Amex Card transactions will incur a 1% surcharge.

Customer Service Charter

Our Customer Service Charter outlines what you can expect from the City of Canada Bay.  We aim to deliver high-quality services to meet your needs and strive for continuous improvement.

Commendations and complaints handling

The City of Canada Bay prides itself on delivering excellent service to residents and customers. We welcome all feedback from the community, whether it be positive or negative. If something has exceeded or not met your expectations, Council would like to know about it.

Council believes effective feedback management benefits the organisation in the following important ways:

  • Allows our customers to provide input into service delivery and improvement
  • Provides valuable feedback and performance
  • Allows us to identify areas, processes or skills that need improvement
  • Gives us a second chance to serve, satisfy or clarify issues for dissatisfied customers.

What is a customer request?

  • A request for the provision of services (including provision of information)
  • A report about damaged or faulty infrastructure
  • A request requiring action relating to noise, pollution, dogs, food premises etc.

These are service requests that fall under the normal scope of Council services. These can be reported to Council via the online forms, or via email to or by phone 9911 6555.

What is a complaint?

A complaint is when a service or request is not actioned in a satisfactory way, which infers that a request has already been lodged with Council for the particular issue. It can be any expression of dissatisfaction with Council:

  • Policies procedures and processes - this usually relates to dissatisfaction with service charges, policy decisions or an agreed practice covered by a policy or procedure
  • Employees - usually relates to dissatisfaction with the behaviour of a Council employee
  • Quality of service - generally related to the quality of the finished job such as service not up to an expected standard, or the work or service taking longer than previously specified.

Council deals with your complaint

Council has developed a comprehensive Complaint Management Policy to ensure all complaints are dealt with as follows:

  • All complaints are handled fairly, transparently, promptly, respectfully, and confidentially across the organisation to achieve a resolution
  • Effectively record complaints for investigation and action, and ensure appropriate systems for analysis and response
  • Ensure that all Council's legislative obligations are carried out as per the relevant legislation.

What is a commendation?

When you have had a positive experience with Council staff or services Council would encourage your feedback to ensure that relevant staff are commended for providing quality services to the residents of Canada Bay.

What we ask of our customers

A customer normally needs to provide:

  • Full details of their name, address and telephone number before a commendation or complaint can be registered
  • Sufficient details to assist in resolving the complaint and/or providing positive feedback to the relevant staff.

It is important to keep in mind that Council has a wide scope of operations (and particularly for certain areas and requests the timeframes for managing various issues vary), so being informed about how the services work, or should work, is an important step in the process. Council's website is an excellent resource, and is always being updated with improved content in this regard.

How do you lodge a commendation or complaint?

Post: Locked Bag 1470, Drummoyne NSW 1470
Phone: 9911 6555
Fax: 9911 6550
Online: eRequest

For further information, please see Council's Complaint Management Policy

If you are dissatisfied by a decision or outcome to lodging a complaint with Council you can contact the relevant body: Department of Local Government, NSW Ombudsman, ICAC, Privacy NSW.

How Did We Go?

We are always looking to improve our work and the service we provide our community. 

Your feedback is valuable. If you have had an interaction with Council, we'd love to hear how we went. 
How did we go?