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Councils Certification Team


Why choose Council's Building Certification Team?

  • We have the long-term support and stability of Council
  • We only work within the City of Canada Bay area, so we are never far away
  • We have local knowledge which saves time
  • We are able to provide a comprehensive range of building approvals, building certification, inspections and building approval advisory services to our customers
  • We provide efficient, cost-effective and quality services
  • We have a team of professionally qualified and experienced Building Certifiers
  • We will ensure that all building regulations, construction standards and Development Consent requirements are complied with
  • We have access to Council's approvals history, Council Planning & Heritage Officers so that we can provide quick advice and assistance to our customers
  • We are flexible and will endeavour to meet all of our customer's needs
  • We can offer a competitive price package for major commercial and residential projects  

The City of Canada Bay's Building Certification Team can offer a range of quality building services that include:

  • Pre-lodgement construction certificate and complying development meetings and written advice  
  • The issue of construction or complying development certificates for all types and classes of buildings including:
    • New dwellings
    • Alterations/additions to dwellings
    • Swimming pools
    • Garages/carports
    • Commercial/industrial buildings
    • Residential flat buildings
  • The role of Principal Certifying Authority (PCA)
  • Conducting mandatory critical stage inspections during the course of construction
  • The issue of Occupation Certificates on completion of building works

 The Building Certification Team provide advice and consultancy services encompassing:

  • Construction site management
  • Compliance with conditions of Development Consents
  • Applicable legislation
  • Building Code of Australia
  • Technical standards
  • Planning advice via Council's Planning Officers

The Building Certification Team can work with you throughout the approvals process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Make an appointment to see the Certification Team prior to the finalisation of your Development Application to assist in the fast tracking of your Construction Certificate.  

Major Projects

Council's Certification Team can tailor its services to meet the demands of major projects. A building certification team professional will be assigned to the project for its duration to assist with all your certification needs. For assistance and further information contact a member of City of Canada Bay's Certification Team on 9911 6555.