Planning Proposals

A Planning Proposal is required where a landowner or stakeholder seeks to amend the planning controls contained within Council’s Local Environmental Plan (LEP).

Land rezoning is an example of a process that requires a Planning Proposal to amend the planning controls relating to a parcel(s) of land. Rezoning land can result in an increase or decrease to the range of permissible uses or change the development standards that are applicable. Land can only be rezoned through a formal amendment to the Canada Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013.

What is a Local Environmental Plan (LEP)?

A LEP is prepared by Council to guide planning decisions for the local government area and is principally made up of a written instrument and associated maps. Through zoning and development standards, it allows Council to moderate the ways in which land is used.

A LEP is prepared in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 (EP&A Act 1979), and Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 by the Minister for Planning and Infrastructure.

Planning Proposal to amend the LEP

The preparation of a planning proposal is the first step in making an amendment to the existing LEP. A planning proposal is a document that explains the intended effect of, and justification for, the proposed amendment.  Planning Proposals are to be prepared in accordance with the following guidelines:

The City of Canada Bay's role

The first step in the process is to talk to a Planner in Council's Strategic Planning team. Staff can explain the process and provide advice specific to the proposal.

A planning proposal must be formally considered at a Council meeting. Council officers will make a report to Council on the merits of the proposal. Council does not have to support applications for rezoning of land. Similarly, a Council resolution to prepare a planning proposal or an amendment to the LEP does not necessarily guarantee that the proposal or rezoning will proceed.

Online tracking of a Planning Proposal

An online tracking system is available for any person to follow the process of a Planning Proposal once it has been submitted to the Department of Planning and Infrastructure by Council.

What information needs to be submitted with a Planning Proposal Application?

A planning proposal application must be accompanied by a completed Council application form as well as additional information to support the proposal.

Planning proposal applications will require external planning expertise on behalf of the applicant. It is recommended that a town planning consultant be engaged for the preparation of planning proposal applications, regardless of whether the proposal is of a minor or major nature. Other specialist consultants may also be needed to provide technical input to the proposal.

Click here for a Planning Proposal Application Form

Minor LEP or DCP - $10,300  

Major DCP - $30,000

Major LEP - $100,000 

Note: A Minor LEP generally refers to a single allotment spot rezoning generated by a planning anomaly or inconsistency, or minor amendments such as the modification of a development standard. These rezoning are generally not complex or contentious. A Major LEP refers to all other rezoning applications submitted to Council. Please confirm with Council’s Strategic Planning team whether the Planning Proposal is “minor” or “major” prior to submitting Planning Proposal. Fees for both major and minor LEP amendments are not refundable.

Further information about the process can be obtained from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment

Council's Strategic Planning team can be contacted on 9911 6555.

Current planning proposals

Station Precinct Rhodes

Rhodes Station Precinct - concept image

The Station Precinct is generally located adjacent to Rhodes train station and is generally bound by Mary Street, Walker Street, Gauthorpe Street and Marquet Street.

A Planning Proposal was prepared to facilitate the redevelopment of the site for residential apartments, a new 'laneway style' shopping centre, a Recreation Centre and new pedestrian links.

The Planning Proposal, draft Development Control Plan and Voluntary Planning Agreements were exhibited for public comment from 12 May 2015 to 16 June 2015. A report on the outcome of the exhibition period was considered on 15 September 2015 where Council determined that the proposal had sufficient merit to proceed to finalisation.

When making this decision, Council determined that the land known as 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 Marquet Street and 4 Mary Street was to be deferred from the Planning Proposal due to unresolved concerns in relation to the coordinated development of these sites.

Further enquiries can be directed to Council's Strategic Planning team on 9911 6410.

Image: artist's impression of shopping centre entrance, Rhodes Station Precinct.

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Planning Proposal - 25 George Street, North Strathfield

What's it about

Council is seeking feedback on a Planning Agreement for the property known as 25 George Street, North Strathfield (Lots 1 – 10 SP 22302).

From 27 June 2017 to 25 July 2017, Planning Proposal (PP2016/0006) was placed on public exhibition.  The Planning Proposal sought to amend the Canada Bay Local Environmental Plan (LEP) 2013 to rezone land at 25 George Street, North Strathfield from IN1 General Industrial to R3 Medium Density Residential and apply new Height of Building and Floor Space Ratio standards to the site.

On 15 August 2017 Council resolved to submit the Planning Proposal to the Department of Planning and Environment for finalisation, subject to arrangements being in place to dedicate affordable housing within the future development to Council. 

A Planning Agreement is proposed to be entered into as the mechanism to dedicate affordable housing to Council ownership.  Council will operate and manage the affordable housing in accordance with Council’s Affordable Housing Policy.

The Planning Agreement will be on public exhibition for a period of (28) days from 10 September 2019 to 07 October 2019 at the following venues and times:

  • Canada Bay Civic Centre, Drummoyne (1A Marlborough Street, Drummoyne) Monday to Friday: 8.30am-4pm.
  • Concord Library (60 Flavelle St, Concord) Monday to Thursday: 9.30am – 7.30pm, Friday 9.30am – 5pm, Saturday: 9.30pm – 4pm and Sunday 1 – 5pm.

Interested persons are invited to make a written submission on the draft Planning Agreement.  Submissions must be received by Council before close of business on 07 October 2019 and should be emailed to or sent to: General Manager City of Canada Bay, Locked Bag 1470 Drummoyne NSW 1470

It is important to note that your submission may be published in reports, or other documents that are produced following the exhibition period and will be made publicly available upon request.

Please note that the Planning Proposal has been provided as background material. Only submissions in relation to the Planning Agreement will be considered.

Further enquiries should be directed to Council’s Strategic Planning team on 9911 6555. 



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Planning Proposal - 160 Burwood Road Concord

Council has received a Planning Proposal to rezone land at 160 Burwood Road, Concord. 

The site currently accommodates an industrial building and is known as the “House of Robert Timms” or the “Bushells Factory”.

The Planning Proposal seeks to rezone the land from IN1 General Industrial to part residential, part neighbourhood centre and part open space and will facilitate redevelopment of the site through an increase in Floor Space Ratio and the maximum height of buildings.

Council considered a report on the Planning Proposal on the 15 October 2019.  At that meeting, Council resolved to endorse the Planning Proposal subject to a number of amendments.

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Planning Proposal - 63-69 Victoria Road, 45 Day Street, 53 Victoria Road & 46 Thornley Street Drummoyne

A Planning Proposal for land at  63-69 Victoria Road, 45 Day Street, 53 Victoria Road & 46 Thornley Street, Drummoyne was endorsed by Council at its meeting of 18 February 2020. 

The Proposal seeks to amend Canada Bay Local Environmental Plan 2013 to:

  • rezone part of the site from R2 Low Density Residential to B4 Mixed Use;
  • increase the maximum building height across the site from 8.5m to 14m;
  • apply a bonus maximum building height of 20m for 63-69 Victoria Road where a minimum site area of 2,500m2 is achieved;
  • increase the maximum floor space ratio (FSR) for 63-69 Victoria Road and 45 Day Street from 0.5:1 and 1:1 to 2.1:1;
  • increase FSR for 53 Victoria Road and 46 Thornley Street from 0.5:1 and 1:1 to 1.7:1; and
  • apply a bonus FSR to a maximum of 2.25:1 across the site where a minimum site area of 2,500m2 is achieved.

Draft Development Control Plan

An amendment to the Canada Bay Development Control Plan under Part F - Mixed Use Areas and Neighbourhood Centres, Section 2.1 – Victoria Road, Drummoyne is proposed to reflect the development outcome sought by the Planning Proposal. A Draft Development Control Plan is provided within the related items below.  

Draft Planning Agreement

A Planning Agreement is proposed to be entered into, to deliver monetary contributions towards improvements Brett Park and Drummoyne Pool. A Draft Planning Agreement has been prepared and is provided within related items below.

Further enquiries should be directed to Council’s Strategic Planning team on 9911 6555.

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