Sports facilities & fields

The City of Canada Bay's sporting fields are among the most renowned in NSW. Set against the backdrop of the harbour, they are also some of the most scenic. Numerous sports and clubs call the area home, with professional facilities for both players and spectators.  

Council's ground staff work hard to keep the fields in top condition, and the Sports Rating System was developed for managing ground conditions and maintenance planning.

If you are interested in using a field you need to speak with Council's Recreation Bookings Coordinator in the first instance. Due to the high usage of our fields and long standing seasonal bookings and local schools usage, casual use cannot always be permitted. Please refer to the maps of sporting facilities and fields below for more information on Council's sporting facilities and fields.

Council has compiled a set of fact sheet describing the fields and facilities available on our active sporting fields, Sporting Fields Fact Sheets

Please refer to Council's Bookings - Filming and Recreation for all relevant application forms.

Please refer to Council's sports field allocation policy for the management of community land categorised as sportsgrounds.

Contact details

For further information please contact Council's Recreation Bookings Coordinator on 9911 6555 or email

Maintenance requests

Council has an email address that can be used for reporting maintenance issues with sporting fields, please email 

Wet weather process

During inclement weather, Council  inspects our sporting fields daily to ensure the standard of the fields are maintained for each season summer and winter.

Council endeavours to ensure all fields are opened for use but in some instances we have to close the fields. If Council does close the fields the Wet Weather Notification Service is available for information and updates.

Please also refer to the wet weather page section for the latest information and updates.

Wet Weather Notification Service

Council offers a wet weather line that is updated with the latest sporting field closure and relevant information. The number to call is 9911 6375. Information is also available on council’s website. Sporting clubs are contacted directly by SMS and email in the event of a field closure. 

Sports Quarter Newsletter

Council puts together a quarterly newsletter with information about sports field maintenance and updates from Clubs about the season. Please refer to Council's Sports Quarter Newsletter page to view all the newsletters.

Related information

Sports Rating System

City of Canada Bay sports field rating system allows sporting groups to view the condition of all active sporting fields.

The system of regularly recording the condition of active sports fields is combined with the opportunity for sporting groups to be equally aware of the condition of their fields. This creates a sense of partnership between sporting groups and Council with a process that encourages understanding and communication between both bodies. Council’s overriding goal is to maintain the 'Fit For Play' and long term longevity of each sporting field. 

The scored system rates each sporting field on 13 crucial condition factors with examples that include:

  • Grass cover
  • Wicket areas (where applicable)
  • Vigour
  • Worn or bare areas.  

A scored point of 69 has been established at City of Canada Bay for preliminary notification. Once this intervention position has been reached a letter is sent to the sporting group using this facility. They will be advised that the field surface is at a critical point and needs to be addressed with consideration for reduced training or reallocation of games to other venues. This letter is purely a preliminary notification of action that may need to be considered by both parties should the field further deteriorate.

If the sports field's condition does not respond to strategies put in place and deteriorates to a scored level of 66 on the rating scale, closure will be initiated. It should be understood that at this point there is an increased risk for user injuries as well as possible long term and possible irreparable damage to the surface. The cost and time implication from bringing a field back from a point of failure to a quality standard is extensive and the intention is not to allow the field to reach this condition.

No sports field, once closed, will be reopened until a scored standard of 67 is achieved.

There are increasing pressures from expanding user groups, variables of weather, lack of rain and water restrictions that all form part of the overall considerations for Council.

The sports field Rating System, as an assessment tool with clearly defined parameters, has already gained a high level of acceptance from user groups. All parties are clear on what we are trying to achieve in an interactive and visual format. The fields are monitored on a fortnightly basis if it scores 79 or below.

Wet weather field updates

Council endeavours to have all fields usable and employs a range of methods to notify of wet weather status updates.  Please refer to the wet weather update page for the latest information and updates.

As weather is unpredictable, Council reserves the right to alter its decisions on any ground closures after considering the current weather conditions.

Wet Weather Hotline

Phone: 9911 6375


 Park Name Field

Previous Inspection

Arthur Walker Reserve  1 90 95
Campbell Park 1  1 92 90
Campbell Park 2  2 92 90
Campbell Park 3  3 91 91
Cintra Park Netball  1 78 90
Concord Oval  1 87 89
Drummoyne Oval  1 92  94
Edwards Park  1 closed 80
Edwards Park  2 closed 74
Edwards Park  3 closed 86
Edwards Park  4 closed 85
Edwards Park  5 closed 88
Five Dock Park 1 88 85
Goddard Park 1 91 93
Goddard Park Mini 88 90
Greenlees Park 1 90 88
Nield Park  1 88 87
Nield Park  2 90 88
Nield Park  3 90 89
Nield Park  4 91 90
Powells Creek School  1 - 83
Powells Creek Reserve  2 - 70
Queen Elizabeth Park  1 72 74
Queen Elizabeth Park  2 72 72
Queen Elizabeth Park  3 72 72
Ron Routley Oval  1 96 90 
Rothwell Park  1 98 98
Sid Richards Park  1 87 89
Sid Richards Park  2 87 87
Sid Richards Park  3 83 Closed
St Lukes Oval   70 78
St Lukes Park  1 83 84
St Lukes Park  2 83 88
St Lukes Park  3 83 88
St LukesNorth   83 86 
Taplin Park  1 90 90
Timbrell Park  1 80 80
Timbrell Park  2 - 80

Wet weather field updates

Maps of sporting facilities and fields - winter

Sporting venues map

To view a map with the locations of all the sporting venues and facilities across the City of Canada Bay, refer to Sporting Venues within the City of Canada Bay.

Field maps - winter season

The winter season is from 1 April to 30 September.

Click on the below links to view the locations, features and status of a particular field or facility during the winter season:

Maps of sporting facilities and fields - summer

Sporting venues map

To view a map with the locations of all the sporting venues and facilities across the City of Canada Bay, refer to sporting venues within the City of Canada Bay.

Field maps - summer season

The summer season is from 1 October to 31 March.

Click on the below links to view the locations, features and status of a particular field or facility during the summer season:

Concord Oval

Concord Oval is one of the City's premier sporting, leisure and training venues, comprising approximately 6.6 hectares of land including Concord Oval and the Concord Hockey Complex. The Precinct is located on Parramatta Road, and is bound by Loftus Street, Gipps Street and the rear boundaries of the properties on Taylor Street, Concord. It is currently the head office and training venue for the Wests Tigers NRL team, and the home ground of the West Harbour Rugby Football Club and is used by Inter Lions Soccer Club. The hockey complex provides facilities for Briars Hockey.

For details on sporting events at Concord Oval plus related information see below:

Drummoyne Oval

Drummoyne Oval offers an array of sporting and leisure opportunities from community competitions to international events.

The precinct caters for small to large groups for sports training as well as international, national, state, regional and local sporting competitions. The precinct can also be used for community festivals, concerts, fairs and fetes. Corporate occasions and functions can be held in the community facility that overlooks the picturesque Parramatta River.

To find out what events are on at Drummoyne Oval, please visit our sporting partners' listings:

Major sporting events

During 2015 and 2016 Drummoyne Oval has hosted:

  • AFL NAB Challenge match, Sydney Swans V Fremantle Dockers cricket matches, including NSW V QLD and the preliminary final
  • Five Matador BBQs One-Day Cup
  • Nsw Junior Rugby Union Under-13 State Championship
  • Inaugural Governor-General's XI cricket match, attended by the Prime Minister and the Governor-General
  • Two Women's Big Bash League (BBL) cricket matches
  • Sydney Sixers pre-season cricket match.

In 2017, Drummoyne Oval has hosted: 

  • JLT One-Day Cup cricket match, Queensland v Western Australia, Wed 11 Oct, commencing 10.30am
  • JLT One-Day Cup cricket match, New South Wales v Queensland, Fri 13 Oct, commencing 2.30pm (day-night)
  • JLT One-Day Cup cricket match, South Australia v Western Australia, Sun 15 Oct, commencing 10.30am 
  • International cricket match, Governor-General's XI v England Women, Wed 15 Nov, commencing 6.30pm (night) 

We do encourage fans to use public transport to get to Drummoyne Oval as there will be temporary street closures and parking is limited. 

To plan your trip, visit

More information

Majors Bay Reserve synthetic football field

Majors Bay Synthetic is open to the public from 8:00am until sunset if there are no formal club bookings taking place. 

During the winter season local clubs use the ground 4:00pm - 9:00pm weekdays and 9:00am - 9:00pm weekends.