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The City of Canada Bay prides itself on its commitment to providing healthy lifestyle opportunities for its residents. Well maintained and equipped parks, playgrounds and open space areas are accessible to families, groups, and less mobile members of our community.

There are over 150 parks in the City of Canada Bay area. Find out more below.

Parks in Abbotsford

Allison Park

Blackwall Point Road, Abbotsford 
Features: Children's adventure playground with toddler play equipment and seats.

Battersea Park

Battersea Street, Abbotsford 
Features: Picnic tables, barbecue, undercover area, and water views.

Coralie Reserve

Cnr Coralie and Wareemba Streets, Abbotsford 
Features: Children's adventure playground, seats.

Henry Lawson Park

Abbotsford Parade, Abbotsford
Features: Children's play equipment, large grass area, picnic tables, BBQ and water views.

Quarantine Reserve

Spring Street, Abbotsford
Features: Large park area, shaded pavilion with power and undercover BBQ area with seating, picnic tables, beach and water views. 

Werrell Reserve

Teviott Avenue, Abbotsford
Features: Children's play equipment, BBQ, close to Abbotsford Ferry Wharf, and water views.

Parks in Cabarita

Cabarita Park

Cabarita Road, Cabarita
Features: Large undercover areas, playground, BBQ areas with seating, Cabarita Swimming Centre, The Conservatory (event space for hire), cafe, artworks, foreshore areas, picnic tables and water views.

Kendall Reserve

Cabarita Road, Cabarita
Features: Small children's play equipment.

Prince Edward Park

Phillips Street, Cabarita
Features: Children's play equipment, undercover areas and BBQ areas with power.

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Parks in Chiswick

Armitage Reserve

Bortfield Drive, Chiswick
Features: Scenic water views, foreshore walk to Chambers Park and seats.

Blackwall Point Reserve

Off Bortfield Drive, Chiswick
Features: Scenic water views, foreshore walkway, seats and historic stone jetty.

Chambers Park

Blackwall Point Road, Chiswick
Features: Water views, foreshore walk to Armitage Reserve, picnic shelters, BBQ, children's play equipment and harbourside pool.

Chiswick Park

Off Bortfield Drive, Chiswick 
Features: Children's play equipment.

Fig Tree Bay Reserve

Fortescue Street, Chiswick
Features: Scenic water views and seats.

Lysaght Park

Swannell Avenue, Chiswick
Features: Large park area with picnic tables.

Parks in Concord

Bayview Park

Burwood Road, Concord
Features: Children's play equipment, large grass area, undercover BBQ areas with picnic tables and a boat ramp.

Central Park

Wellbank Street, Concord
Features: Children's play equipment, large grass area and scout hall.

Corby Avenue Reserve

Corby Avenue, Concord
Features: Children's playground.

Henley Park

Pitt Street, Concord
Features: Large park area and children's play equipment.

Howse Park

Richard Street, Concord
Features: Children's playground and scout hall.

Majors Bay Reserve

Cnr Norman Street and Nullawarra Avenue, Concord
Features: Children's playground, water views and dog off-leash area.

Prince Henry Place

Majors Bay Road, Concord
Features: Picnic shelters and formal gardens.

Queen Elizabeth Park

Gipps Street, Concord
Features: Playing fields on one side of the park and a large playground, picnic tables and BBQ areas on the other side.

Sanders Reserve

Sanders Parade, Concord
Features: Children's playground and water views.
More information: Interim Environmental Management Plan for Sanders Reserve

Shadrack Shaw Reserve

Kingston Avenue, Concord
Features: Picnic table.

Stanton Place

Cnr Mortlake Street and Brays Road, Concord
Features: Children's playground.

Parks in Concord West

WA McInnes Reserve

Brussells Street, Concord West
Features: Children's playground.

Mutton Reserve

Harrison Avenue, Concord West

Warbrick Park

Yaralla Street, Concord West
Features: Children's play equipment, large park area and picnic tables.

Parks in Drummoyne

Alexandra Reserve

Alexandra Street, Drummoyne
Features: Children's adventure playground with toddler play equipment.

Apex Park

Cnr Roseby and Cary Streets, Drummoyne
Features: Waterviews, picnic tables and seats.

Bill Fisher Reserve

Cnr The Esplanade and Dening Street, Drummoyne
Features: Waterviews, picnic tables and seats.

Brett Park

Henley Marine Drive, Drummoyne
Features: Scenic water views, picnic shelters and tables, BBQ area and playground.

Bridge Street Wharf Reserve

Under Iron Cove Bridge, Drummoyne
Features: Waterviews and seats.

Cambridge Road Reserve

Beneath Gladesville Bridge. Drummoyne Avenue, Drummoyne
Features: Waterviews and seats.

Day Street Reserve

Day Street, Drummoyne
Features: Scenic views and seats.

Dunlop Reserve

Birkenhead Point, Drummoyne
Features: Waterviews, children's play equipment and seats.

Gipps Street Reserve

Cnr Gipps Street and Henley Marine Drive, Drummoyne
Features: Waterviews and seats.

Howley Park

End of Victoria Place, Drummoyne 
Features: Scenic waterviews, shelter and seats.

Menzies Reserve

Lower St. Georges Crescent, Drummoyne 
Features: Scenic waterviews, seats and small boat wharf. 

Montague Park

Therry Street, Drummoyne
Features: Children's play equipment and large park area.

Pelican Reserve

Off St Georges Crescent on the foreshore. Access from Queen Victoria Reserve
Features: Seats and scenic waterviews.

Peppercorn Reserve

St Georges Cresent, Drummoyne
Features: Large park area and waterviews.

Queen Victoria Reserve

Queen Victoria Street, Drummoyne
Features: Scenic waterviews and seats.

Raymond Reserve

End of The Esplanade, Drummoyne
Features: Waterviews.

Rea Reserve

Drummoyne Avenue, Drummoyne 
Features: Scenic waterviews.

Salton Reserve

St Georges Crescent, Drummoyne 
Features: Waterviews.

St. Georges Crescent Reserve

Cnr Thornley Street and St Georges Crescent, Drummoyne
Features: Scenic waterviews, seats and dog off leash area.

Parks in Five Dock

Charles Heath Reserve

Queens Road, Five Dock 
Features: Large park area.

Croker Park

Harrabrook Ave, Five Dock
Features: Children's play equipment and large park area.

Five Dock Park

Park Road, Five Dock
Features: Large park area, BBQ area with picnic tables and Five Dock Skate Park.

Halliday Park

McGraths Ave, Five Dock
Features: Large park area with shaded children's play equipment and picnic tables overlooking waterviews. 

Larkins Reserve

Cnr Barnstaple and Cairns Avenue, Five Dock
Features: Picnic tables and seats.

Maple Reserve

Maple Close, Five Dock
Features: Children's adventure playground and seats.

O.H. Watts Reserve

Coonardo Close, Five Dock
Features: Children's playground.

Roberts Reserve

Cnr Noble and Arthur Streets, Five Dock
Features: Children's play equipment and tennis rebound wall.

Rodd Park

Henley Marine Drive, Rodd Point
Features: Park area with BBQs and picnic tables.

Sibbick Street Reserve

Cnr Sibbick and Russell Streets, Five Dock
Features: Children's play equipment, tennis rebound wall and half basket ball court.

Stevenson Reserve

Cnr Fairlight and Ramsay Streets, Five Dock

Storey Park

Lyons Road, Five Dock
Features: Seats, open grassy area and dog off-leash area.

Timbrell Park

Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock
Features: Large park area, undercover BBQ and picnic tables and a shaded children's play equipment area.

Parks in Mortlake

Edwin Street Reserve

Edwin Street, Mortlake

Punt Park

End of Hilly Street, Mortlake
Features: Punt access and model of punt.

Northcote Street Reserve

Northcote Street, Mortlake
Features: Picnic table and board walk.

Murphy Reserve

Hilly Street, Mortlake
Features: Picnic table, half basketball court

Wangal Reserve

Hilly Street, Mortlake
Features: Large park area, children's play equipment, flying fox, water views and BBQs with undercover picnic tables.

Parks in Rhodes

Brays Bay Reserve

Concord Road, Rhodes
Features: Large park area.

Churchill Tucker Reserve

Blaxland Road, Rhodes
Features: Formal gardens.

King George V Park

Cnr Llewellyn Street and Concord Road, Rhodes
Features: Enclosed off-leash dog park.

Lovedale Place

End of Killoola Street, Rhodes 
Features: Wetland regeneration.

McIlwaine Park

Concord Road, Rhodes
Features: Large park area, children's play equipment and BBQs with picnic tables.

Uhrs Point Reserve

Concord Road, Rhodes
Features: Park area and picnic table.

Five Dock Skate Park

Five Dock Skate Park
Five Dock Skate Park

Skating is identified as a popular recreational pastime for young people within the City of Canada Bay. The provision of the Five Dock Skate Park encourages skateboarders, BMX and scooter riders off roads, footpaths and thoroughfares and to use a safer, purpose built facility designed in consultation with young people. 

The skate park is a unique dual purpose facility suitable for BMX, skateboards and scooters. The park provides opportunities for users of different skill levels, primarily from intermediate to advanced levels however outer areas of the facility are angled towards beginners.  

Features of the skate park include three bowls, a snake run and a half pipe. 

Where is the skate park?

The park is located on the Corner of First Avenue and Ingham Avenue, Five Dock.

Who can use Five Dock skate park?

The skate park is a free facility intended to be used by all ages and abilities. The park can be used by skateboarders, BMX, scooters and rollerbladers.

Code of conduct and safety guidelines

The Code of Conduct has been developed to reduce the risk of injury to users of the facility and ensure that users of all abilities and skill levels have an opportunity to use the skate park.  

Skate Park users must respect all other users of the park, the general public and the surrounding park facilities:

  • You use the park at your own risk.
  • Please consider your personal safety and the safety of others.
  • Riders under the age of 10 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Use of the park is only permitted during daylight hours.
  • Consider a 'fair go' for all users.
  • Skate within your limit/know your ability.
  • For your safety always wear protective clothing, helmet, elbow and knee pads.
  • No glass is allowed in the skate park and surrounding areas.
  • Report misuse or vandalism immediately.
  • Refrain from using the facility if there are any signs of damage.  Alcohol or other drugs are not to be consumed in the park.
  • BMX riders are requested to consider the impact the BMX pegs have on the bowl coping and limit this activity in the interest of other users.
  • Scooter riders should be particularly vigilant regarding other users attempting aerial manoeuvres.

Tips for beginners

  • Skateboarding (and related sports - BMX, rollerblading and scooter riding) involve a level of risk, facilities should always be used at the parents/users own discretion.
  • Parents of children need to assess their child's skill level and ensure that they have the ability to safely use the facility without posing risk to themselves or others.
  • The facility is intended to be ridden in one motion (e.g. from one end to the other or across through jumps etc), as such, all areas of the park are likely to be used by more experienced users.Young children should be constantly supervised in this environment.
  • Chat to other/older users and seek advice from experienced users.
  • Be courteous to other users. The park can be crowded with other users practicing their tricks and moves. Wait your turn to practice and give other users the space they need to do their moves.
  • Use the features of the park that are within your skill level. If you are a beginner use smaller areas of the bowl rather than skating off high elevation points.
  • If you do fall off your board/bike/scooter try and move out of the way quickly so that you too do not become an obstacle and pose further risk to yourself or others.
  • Follow the general flow of the skate park and move in the same direction as other skaters.
  • Refrain from sitting in the skate bowl, if you need to rest, move away from the skate facility.
  • Assist Council to maintain the skate park to a high standard, inspect the skate park before use for any signs of debris such as branches or litter and remove before using.

How to report misuse or maintenance issues?

Maintenance of skate parks is the responsibility of the City of Canada Bay in partnership with the users of the skate park facility. When using the facility refrain from littering or consuming products in glass. 

To report misuse, graffiti or vandalism of the skate park contact Council's Customer Service on:

Phone  9911 6555
Fax       9911 6550

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