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With 35 kilometres of foreshore forming a northern boundary, the City of Canada Bay offers a variety of foreshore walks to help you appreciate its water wonders.

With over 150 parks, open spaces and reserves linked together by many picturesque trails, it will take more than a day to explore the City of Canada Bay, but one route brings together many of the attractions of parklands, estates and trails allowing you to taste the best of all worlds in only half-a-day.

Walking in the City of Canada Bay will help you feel refreshed and invigorated and you can also experience some wonderful views of Sydney.

Walks and trails

With an abundance of picturesque walkways and foreshore trails in the City of Canada Bay, there is little wonder walking is such a popular activity in the area.

Not only is walking an ideal form of exercise, it is also a fantastic way to catch up with family and friends and get to know the local area and it's environment.

Here are some of the walkways and trails that residents and visitors can utilise to explore the City of Canada Bay's beautiful foreshore:

Bay Run

This scenic 7km walk/run along the entire natural course of  Iron Cove is one of Sydney's most popular harbourside walks. Route includes Iron Cove Bridge, Drummoyne, Rodd Point, Rodd Island, Leichhardt Park and Rozelle Hospital. For more information about this walk and it's many highlights read the Bay Run information below. For more information about the Bay Run click here.

Concord Foreshore Trail

This historic and peaceful walk stretches from McIlwaine Park in the Rhodes to Majors Bay Reserve in Concord. The route encircles the mangrove-fringed Brays Bay, Yaralla Bay and Majors Bay on the Parramatta River and goes around the former Thomas Walker Hospital ( a heritage listed building), Concord Repatriation General Hospital and the historically significant Yaralla Estate (one of the oldest estates in Sydney dating back to the 1790's). This foreshore walk is also included in the Walking Coastal Sydney's Parramatta River Walk.

Five Dock Bay Walk

Along the foreshore via The Esplanade at Chiswick, Russell Lea, Drummoyne. From Raymond Reserve, Drummoyne, through Taplin Park, Russell Park & Lysaght Park, Chiswick (3.6 km).This foreshore walk is also included in the Walking Coastal Sydney's Parramatta River Walk.

Hen & Chicken Bay Foreshore Walk

Hen & Chicken Bay Abbotsford, along Wymston Parade. Route includes Battersea Park, Quarantine Reserve, Henry Lawson Park, Abbotsford and Wareemba. This foreshore walk is also included in the Walking Coastal Sydney's Parramatta River Walk.

Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway

End of Killoola Street, Rhodes. Route includes the Memorial Rose Garden, Hospital Road to Concord Road, kiosk, BBQ and picnic areas, interpretive stations and toilets. For more information about this walk and it's many highlights visit read the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway information below.

Bay Run

Location: Iron Cove, Henley Marine Drive, Drummoyne, Rodd Point and Five Dock  

Distance: 7km  

A well known walking treat in the City of Canada Bay is the Bay Run, a 7km trail around Iron Cove. To power walk non-stop around the Bay will take just over an hour. However, if it is your first time to the Bay Run, we recommend you take a lazy, long stroll and savour the experience.

Start your journey underneath the Iron Cove Bridge along Henley Marine Drive, named after Sir Thomas Henley described as "one of the most prominent figures in the public life of NSW". A plaque in his memory lies along the drive, which was largely built on reclaimed mud flats.

Follow the wide footpath around the mangrove-lined foreshores of Iron Cove. Along the way, indulge in the variety of splendid sceneries from city landscapes to luscious greenery. Take time to read the interpretive signs that provide interesting facts about the types of flora and fauna in the surrounding bay.

About half-way through the route, visit Rodd Park and appreciate a little history. The large sandstone cross at the park marks the site of the Rodd family mausoleum. At the top of Rodd Park, you'll find cool shelters and a great place to unwind. This nicely elevated area is a great lookout point to the city's skyline, wonderful waterways and Rodd Island, which was used in the 19th century by scientists sent by Louis Pasteur to investigate a way of eradicating rabbits. Today, it is a delightful recreational reserve belonging to the Sydney Harbour National Park.

Not far down from Rodd Park lies Timbrell Park providing plenty of flat open-field spaces for the whole family to enjoy a variety of ball games. From the park, it's about a 30-minute walk back to Iron Cove Bridge that links Drummoyne to Rozelle and was opened on 30 July 1955 by Hon. JJ Cahill, Premier & Colonial Treasurer. The bridge replaced the original that opened in 1882, which had carried mainline tramway services to Ryde.

Alternatively, you can spend time in the Drummoyne Swimming Centre next door to the rowing club. This historic pool is set in a completely open environment on the water's edge.

For more information about the Bay Run click here.

Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway


Killola Street, Concord


800 metres


The Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway covers more than 800 metres from Rhodes Station to Concord Hospital in Sydney's inner-west, and runs along the mangrove-studded shores of Brays Bay on the Parramatta River. At the centrepiece are magnificent granite walls bearing photographic images of the campaign; there are 22 stations or plaques along the walkway, each describing a significant place or engagement; the walkway has been planted with lush tropical vegetation simulating the conditions of The Kokoda Track.

For more information about the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway, the Kokoda Track, the memorials and Friends of Kokoda visit Kokoda Walkway or check out Councils Fact Sheet.


Begin your journey at the Kokoda Track Memorial Walkway, an 800m rainforest that serves as a memorial of the New Guinean Campaign during World War II. Developed by the community in 1994, the track not only offers an engaging educational experience, but also a peaceful hideaway for anyone wanting to take a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Stroll along a gently winding path and discover historical accounts and images that have become an important part of our Australian heritage. There is a striking granite centrepiece and beautiful rose garden, as well as a watercourse leading to a pond that overlooks the Parramatta River. You can also walk along a timber boardwalk introducing you to New Guinean vegetation. Halfway down enjoy a light snack at the Kiosk and Information Centre.

Following on from Kokoda, take the Foreshore Trail encircling Brays Bay, Yaralla Bay and Majors Bay. Experience a quiet country sensation within a city environment as you walk the hour-long route around Concord Hospital, the primary filming location for Australia's successful medical drama 'All Saints' and the Yaralla estate, one of the oldest estates in Sydney dating back to 1797. You'll find yourself lost in time among rustling trees and shrubs, rough tracks and old buildings.

Leap forward in time as you approach the modern and spacious park environment of Majors Bay Reserve. Complete with sporting fields and beautiful grounds, the reserve offers a perfect resting place for the whole family. Use the wide, open spaces for fun and games or rest in the serene atmosphere complete with great water views. Alternatively you can relax at the Concord RSL just down the road from the Reserve.

Resume your walk around the reserve up to Majors Bay Road, where you will walk past the Concord Golf Club. With a history dating back to 1893, it comes as no surprise that Concord Golf Club is considered 'one of Sydney's most prestigious golf clubs'. Since its establishment, it has welcomed many world famous golfers like Greg Norman and hosted many championship tournaments, including the Australian PGA, NSW Open and ANZ Championship. The private club maintains the highest standards and it is essential to contact their office before visiting.

You can't help but appreciate the delightful environment in Majors Bay Road with its strong emphasis on outdoor dining, which is very welcoming. The wide variety of food is sure to please any taste. Grab a bite and come down to the Queen Elizabeth Park at the end of the road providing tables, barbeque and shelters to enjoy.

If you're still looking for a little more excitement, Sydney Olympic Park and Bicentennial Park are only minutes away – Australia's central focus during the 2000 Olympic & Paralympic Games. Featuring world-class sporting and entertainment facilities that accommodated some of the greatest athletes and sporting legends of our time, Olympic Park is a world of its own. Take a self-guided tour of Olympic Park at the Visitors Centre set in a heritage garden, or visit the beautiful parklands at Bicentennial Park, a grand 100 hectare natural heritage featuring free barbecues, picnic shelters, walking trails, kiosk, cycle paths and many more. Explore it all. It's not often you visit places that have made a mark in world sporting history.

Safe walking tips and information

Clearly marked walk and cycle ways

  • To stay healthy walk 30 minutes on most days in one go or in 10 minute lots.
  • Walk with someone, encourage friends and family to exercise with you.
  • Don't forget to use SPF 30 sunscreen and wear a hat; avoid the hottest times of the day.
  • Drink lots of fluid especially in warm weather.
  • Stretch before and after your walk.
  • Start slowly (and for shorter periods) if you haven't exercised recently, then increase distance and pace.

Useful information

Audio walking tours

The City of Canada Bay is pleased to bring you these podcasts about the beautiful foreshore walks across our City - AbbotsfordBay RunCabarita Park & Breakfast Point and Yaralla. We hope they will teach you more about the walks and enhance your enjoyment of them, whether you are a local who has enjoyed these areas many times or whether this is your first time experiencing them.   

Featuring well know Australian actress Penny Cook and some home grown talent, the walks offer engaging insights to our local foreshore.  

Residents are encouraged to download the Canada Bay Walking Tours app at the Apple Store or Google Play to their mobile phone or download them on to their iPod, MP3 player  and plug their earphones in and walk the shore to keep healthy and learn something knew about your local heritage.  

We’d like to thank our partners for their assistance in making this project possible: The Council and its funding partners, The Department of Planning, which has significantly assisted with funding at every opportunity through the Sharing Sydney Harbour Program and Greenspace.  

Other partners in providing content have been local heritage groups, including the Concord Heritage Society, Friends of Yaralla, Friends of Cabarita, the City of Canada Bay Heritage Society, NSW Health, Council's Heritage Officer and Local Studies Librarian, Leichhardt and Ashfield Councils and the RTA.

For further information, please contact Council by phoning 9911 6555 or email.

App Downloads, MP3 and iPod 

Download the Canada Bay Walking Tours App on Google Play or the App Store. Please check the file size before downloading.

Rhodes video guided walking tours

The Rhodes Walking Tours take in the suburb's most interesting local attractions, history and extraordinary stories.

Discover more from the Rhodes Peninsula today.

Download the Free apps while connected to a wifi network, plug in a headset and enjoy the journey through the peninsula and along the river at your own pace.

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