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Current works

Current roadworks

Current roadworks

NBN works in our area

NBN Co are currently conducting works across the City of Canada Bay. We are working to ensure NBN Co remediate the sites after their works are completed.

To see where these works are taking place please click here. This list will be updated as Council is notified of any commencement of works.

If you have any concerns about these works please contact NBN Co on 1800 687 626 or via their website.

Road and footpath works happening in your area

Other works in the City of Canada Bay — Notifications

Below are notifications provided to Council of other works being undertaken within the City of Canada Bay by utility companies and also other parties such as RMS, Transport for NSW and alike. 

Footpath renewals program - 2022/2023 

The City of Canada Bay has an extensive network of pedestrian and cycle paths within our Local Government Area (LGA). These assets are an integral part of our community's everyday life as they connect our parks and reserves, train stations, community facilities, and residential and commercial premises. These infrastructure assets play an important role in the overall transport and recreational network. The increasing focus on pedestrian and cycle modes as a healthy and active alternative is enhancing their importance.

Council conducted a network-wide condition survey on our footpath assets within our LGA in 2021. Following the condition assessment, a forward works program has been developed to address footpath defects and Council will invest $560k on footpath renewal works in 2022-23 financial year. Our works program can be accessed using the link below.

Roads resurfacing program - 2022/2023 

As part of our commitment to improving local infrastructure within our LGA, Council undertakes asphalt resurfacing and pavement renewal works annually. These works are a part of our Annual Works program that represents an investment of $4.2 million for the maintenance of roads in the 2022-2023 financial year. The works are expected to commence by late January and to be completed by May 2023. Please refer below for our works program.

Current notifications