Current works

Current roadworks

Current roadworks

NBN works in our area

NBN Co are currently conducting works across the City of Canada Bay. We are working to ensure NBN Co remediate the sites after their works are completed.

To see where these works are taking place please click here. This list will be updated as Council is notified of any commencement of works.

If you have any concerns about these works please contact NBN Co on 1800 687 626 or via their website.

Road and footpath works happening in your area

Other works in the City of Canada Bay — notification letters

Below are letters provided to Council of other works being undertaken within the City of Canada Bay by utility companies and also other parties such as RMS, Transport for NSW and alike.  

Footpath condition audit

The City of Canada Bay has an extensive network of pedestrian and cycle paths within our Local Government Area (LGA). These assets are an integral part of our community's everyday life as they connect our parks and reserves, train stations, community facilities, and residential and commercial premises. These infrastructure assets play an important role in the overall transport and recreational network. The increasing focus on pedestrian and cycle modes as a healthy and active alternative is enhancing their importance.

Council has engaged Pavement Management Services (PMS) to conduct a network-wide condition survey on our footpath assets within our LGA. The aim of this exercise is to collect the most up-to-date condition data which will assist in preparation of Council's long-term strategic plans such as Asset Management Plan (AMP), Pedestrian Accessibility and Mobility Plan (PAMP) and the Canada Bay Bike Plan. This will also enable Council to plan for the programmed maintenance works and to manage future renewals.

The survey is scheduled to commence mid-January 2021 and the works are expected to conclude by June 2021. The condition audit is part of Council's Asset Management Strategy and is expected to cost around $75,000. Camera mounted quad bikes such as the one shown below, will be used by our contractor to survey the footpath network.

Footpath Survey Vehicle

Footpath renewals program — 2020/21 — TBC

Council is currently undertaking footpath renewal works in the City of Canada Bay. These works are being undertaken by Council contractors. Please be advised that these works may affect access to some properties, however, the contractors will endeavour to minimise any inconvenience to our residents. All works are subject to change and weather permitting. 

Schedule of works: TBC

For any enquiries regarding these works please contact Customer Service on 9911 6555.

Roads resurfacing program 

As part of our commitment to improving local infrastructure, each year we complete asphalt resurfacing works that are part of Council’s Road Resurfacing Program. The 2020/21 works scheduled to be undertaken are as follows:

Suburb Street Segment





Concord Bayview Street Frederick Street to Cabarita Road $150,000 April/May
Abbotsford Bickleigh Lane Werona Avenue to Bickleigh Street $  50,000 April/May
Abbotsford Werona Avenue Great North Road to Campbell Street $  30,000 April/May
Concord Broughton Street Burton Street to Park Avenue   $  40,000 Completed
Concord Broughton Street Park Avenue to Gipps Street $  50,000 Completed
Concord Broughton Street Parramatta Road to Burton Street $  60,000 April
Mortlake Edwin Street Hilly Street to Tennyson road $  80,000 April/May
Russell Lea Speed Avenue Whittal Street to Barnstaple Road $180,000 April
Drummoyne Duncan Street South Street to Thomson Street $130,000 Completed
Five Dock Harris Road Queens Road to Parramatta Road $  80,000 April
Five Dock Harris Road Garfiled Street to Queens Road $450,000 March/April
Five Dock Harris Road Harris Road: (Shoulders) Garfield Street to Queens Road $  50,000 April
Five Dock McKinnon Avenue Lyons Road to Great North Road $220,000 April/May
Mortlake Tennyson Road Northcote Street to Whittaker Street $140,000 April/May
Mortlake Tennyson Road Whittaker Street to Palace Lane $  70,000 April/May
Mortlake Tennyson Road Edwin Street to Northcote Street $200,000 April/May


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