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People with a disability


The City of Canada Bay is committed to work with the community to: 

  • Celebrate and respond to the diversity of all people in our community
  • Create and maintain an environment that is inclusive and accessible.

Council supports a range of initiatives to promote access and inclusion within the City of Canada Bay. These include:

  • Administration of the City of Canada Bay Access and Inclusion Committee
  • Supporting organisations who provide services for people with disability through community grants
  • Provision of play facilities for children of all abilities
  • Accessible facilities with Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK)
  • Bay Connection seniors bus trips
  • Town Centre access maps and Transport Access Guides
  • Personalised home library service for people who are unable to access the library
  • Funding of the Bay Rider bus service
  • Way finding maps to assist people in navigating across the City
  • Hearing loop systems at council libraries.

Council also employs a Community and Corporate Planner to work with the community on programs to improve access and inclusion within the City of Canada Bay. For more information please contact Council on 9911 6555.

Please click here to view our webpage on Livvi's Place, All Abilities Playground.

Useful Links

Disability Inclusion Action Plan

What is this about?

City of Canada Bay is committed to supporting people with disability to be active and engaged in our community and has endorsed a Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) for 2021-2025.

Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP) for 2021-2025

Download a PDF version of the Plan by clicking here or an EASY read version of the Plan by clicking here (if you have difficulty accessing this document please contact Council's Community Development Officer, Social Planner or view hard copy of the Plan at Concord Library (60 Flavelle St, Concord), Five Dock Library(4-12 Garfield Street, Five Dock), The Learning Space (30 Shoreline Drive, Rhodes) and Council Civic Centre (1A Marlborough Street, Drummoyne). 

The plan ensures that access and inclusion are embedded in every aspect of our work - reflecting Canada Bay's commitment to work with our community to celebrate and respond to the delivery of all and to create and maintain an environment that is inclusive and accessible. 

The document has been prepared with guidance from the community and key stakeholders.

Within the Plan are four themes that reflect community input and planning focus:

  • Developing positive community attitudes and behaviours 
  • Creating more liveable communities
  • Supporting access to meaningful employment 
  • Improving access to services through better systems and processes. 

Strategies and initiatives arising from these themes aim to raise awareness of the needs of people with disability, celebrate the diversity of our community, improve opportunities for people to move around our city, raise awareness of the benefits of inclusion and ensure that Council’s systems are accessible and easy to use.

It is not just the built environment(which still need work), we need to understand the relationship between the way people and how they participate in society, and make sure everybody has the same opportunities to participate in everyday life to the best of their abilities and desires. 

Need more information?

Please contact Council's Community Development Officer or Councils Social Planner on 9911 6555 or email

If you do not understand this, please come to the council or contact the Telephone Interpreter Service (TIS) on 13 14 50 and ask them to connect you to council on 9911 6555. We will try to answer your enquiries by using an interpreter.


Se hai difficolta nel capire la presente, presentatai al council, oppure rivolgiti al Tis (Servizio telefonico interpreti) chiamando il 13 14 50 e chiedi di essere messo in contatto con il council al 9911 6555. Cercheremo di rispondere alle tue domande con l'aiuto dell'interprete.


如果你不明白這一點,請來到安理會或  13 14 50  聯繫電話口譯服務(  TIS  ),並要求他們向您連接到理事會關於 9911 6555.  我們將嘗試使用一個解釋來回答您的垂詢

Braille Bin Lid Labels

We're excited to launch our Braille bin lid stickers. These stickers are designed to support residents who are blind or have low vision identify their waste, recycling and green waste bins and are part of our commitment to an accessible and inclusive city.

Available free of charge, request your Braille stickers today by emailing or calling 02 9911 6555.

Click here to see a sample sticker.

Town Centre Access Maps

City of Canada Bay has developed a suite of access maps to help people travel within our villages more easily.

These maps provide information on the location of kerb ramps, seats, traffic lights, bus stops, toilets and accessible parking. 

View the maps for Concord, Drummoyne and Five Dock town centres below.

Related items

Pedestrian Access and Mobility Plan (PAMP)

The City of Canada Bay recognises walking is an important travel mode, both for solely pedestrian-based journeys and also as part of trips for which the main mode of travel is by bus, rail and car. Increasing the proportion of journeys that are undertaken on foot can make a significant contribution to achieving a better quality of life and environment for all. Further benefits can be derived from encouraging walking which include improved health, better environmental conditions, decreased traffic congestion and improved safety. 

Council is currently implementing an accessibility programme to improve access to bus stops. This programme includes the provision of bus shelters, footpaths and pram ramps to an around bus stops. The objective of this programme is to support and encourage the use of public transport.

For more information, please contact Council on 9911 6555.

Access and Inclusion Committee

The vision of the Access and Inclusion Committee to make the City of Canada Bay a more inclusive City with equal opportunities for residents to be actively involved in their diverse community.

The committee is comprised of up to 10 representatives and its purpose is to:

  • Provide expertise and advice to Canada Bay Council to assist implementation of the Disability Inclusion Action Plan (DIAP)
  • Promote access, equity, opportunity and raise awareness of the rights of people with a disability and people who are socially isolated within the community
  • Contribute to increasing inclusion of people across all sections of our diverse community
  • Support the implementation of Council’s strategies and plans.

Membership to the committee is voluntary and applications will be assessed in accordance with the selection criteria below:

  • Demonstrate a high level of professionalism, understanding and experience in access and inclusion principles and how they relate to issues in the Canada Bay LGA
  • Have an understanding of Council’s DIAP and associated legislative responsibility
  • Be collaborative, inclusive and support a sense of belonging for all people from diverse backgrounds
  • Be available to attend meetings and demonstrate a willingness to volunteer time to work on the implementation of DIAP actions
  • Represent a diverse range of people, including those living with disability, with integrity
  • Reside or work (in a paid or voluntary capacity) in the Canada Bay Local Government Area
  • Representatives of political parties are excluded.

Click here to read the Access and Inclusion Committee Charter.

For more information, please contact Council's Community Services team on 9911 6244 or email:

Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK) ssytem at public toilets

The City of Canada Bay implements the Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK) system at six accessible toilets in the local area to ensure that clean, safe and accessible toilets are available to local residents and visitors. 

What is the MLAK system?

The MLAK system is an innovative scheme that uses a universal lock and key to allow people with a disability 24 hours a day access to accessible public toilets. The system is supported by a national on-line map of accessible toilets fitted with MLAK Keys.

Why have MLAK systems?

Easy access to toilets is something that the general public often takes for granted, whereas it is often difficult for a person with a physical disability to locate an accessible public toilet that is open of an evening. Other benefits include reducing vandalism and assisting to keep facilities clean.

Who may purchase a MLAK?

Keys may be purchased from a Master Locksmith. Availability is restricted to people who have a mobility difficulty or who have written authority from:

  • A doctor
  • A disability organisation
  • A local Council or community health centre
  • The centre management or owner of a building with an accessible toilet on site.

Where can I use the MLAK in the City of Canada Bay?

At accessible toilets located in:

  • Brays Bay Reserve, Mary Street, Rhodes NSW 
  • Mill Park, Cnr Shoreline Ave & Walker St, Rhodes NSW
  • Nield Park, Nield Avenue, Rodd Point NSW
  • Quarantine Reserve, Spring Street, Abbotsford NSW 
  • Timbrell Park, Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock NSW - MLAK fitted in both park amenities.

A national directory of MLAK-enabled toilets is maintained by Spinal Cord Injuries Australia. The latest directory can be viewed by visiting Master Locksmiths. For further information, please contact the Master Locksmiths Association (03) 9645 9995 or Spinal Cord Injuries Australia on (02) 9661 8855 or 1800 819 775

For further information on facilities in the City of Canada Bay contact Council on 9911 6555. 

Accessible toilets

The National Public Toilet Map shows the location of more than 14,000 public and private public toilet facilities across Australia. Details of toilet facilities can also be found along major travel routes and for shorter journeys as well. Useful information is provided about each toilet, such as location, opening hours, availability of baby change rooms, accessibility for people with a disability and the details of other nearby toilets.

Below is a list of the toilet facilities in the City of Canada Bay. Those toilets requiring a Master Locksmith Access Key (MLAK) for use are identified:


Battersea Park: 
Battersea Street, Abbotsford
Open: 8am-5pm

Quarantine Reserve: (MLAK fitted) 
Spring Street, Abbotsford
Open: 8am-5pm

Werrell Reserve: 
Teviot Avenue, Abbotsford
Open: 8am-5pm


Cabarita Park 1: 
End of Cabarita Road, Cabarita

Cabarita Park 2: 
End of Cabarita Road, Cabarita

Cabarita Park 3: 
End of Cabarita Road, Cabarita

Prince Edward Park: 
Phillips Street, Cabarita

Canada Bay

Cintra Park: 
Cook Avenue, Canada Bay


Blackwall Point: 
Bortfield Drive, Chiswick
Open: 8am-5pm

Campbell Park: 
Bibby Street, Chiswick
Open: 8am-5pm

Chambers Park: 
Bortfield Drive, Chiswick
Open: 8am-5pm


Bayview Park: 
Governors Drive, Concord

Bent Street: 
Bent Street, Concord

Central Park: 
Davidson Avenue, Concord

Edwards Park: 
Brewer Street, Concord

Goddard Park: 
Park Avenue, Concord

Queen Elizabeth Park 1: 
Crane Street, Concord

Queen Elizabeth Park 2: 
Gipps Street, Concord

Rothwell Park: 
Beaconsfield Avenue, Concord

St Lukes Park 1: 
Crane Street, Concord

St Lukes Park 2: 
Stanley Street, Concord

St Lukes Park 3: 
Gipps Street, Concord

Concord West

Concord West Train Station: 
Queen Street, Concord West
Open variable hours. Toilet is open when station is in operation

Majors Bay Reserve: 
Nullawarra Avenue, Concord West

Yaralla Street, Concord West

Powells Creek Reserve: 
George Street, Concord West

Rhodes Park: 
Killoola Street, Concord West

Ron Routley Oval: 
Nullawarra Avenue, Concord West


Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre: 
Roseby Street, Drummoyne
Open: Mon-Wed, Fri 9:30am-5:30pm 
Thu 9:30am-9pm 
Sat 9am-5am 
Sun 9:30am-5pm

Brett Park: 
Henley Marine Drive, Drummoyne
Open: 8am-5pm

Coles Express Drummoyne South - Shell Australia: 
51 Victoria Road, Drummoyne
Open 24 hours

Drummoyne Park 1: 
Cometrowe Street, Drummoyne
Open: 8am-5pm

Drummoyne Park 2: 
Bayswater Street, Drummoyne
Open: 8am-5pm

Formosa Street: 
Formosa Street, Drummoyne
Open: 8am-5pm

Marlborough Street: 
Marlborough Street, Drummoyne
Open: Mon-Fri 8:30am-4:30am

Russell Park: 
The Parade, Drummoyne
Open: 8am-5pm

Five Dock

Barnwell Park Golf Course: 
William Street, Five Dock
Open: 8am-5pm

Croker Park: 
Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock
Open: 8am-5pm

Fairlight Street: 
Fairlight Street, Five Dock
Open: 8am-5pm

Five Dock Park: 
Barnstaple Road, Five Dock
Open: 8am-5pm

Timbrell Park 1: (MLAK Fitted)
Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock
Open: 8am-5pm

Timbrell Park 2: (MLAK Fitted) 
Henley Marine Drive, Five Dock
Open: 8am-5pm


Hilly Street: 
Hilly Street, Mortlake

North Strathfield

North Strathfield Train Station: 
Queen Street, North Strathfield
Open variable hours. Toilets are open when the station is open


Brays Bay Reserve: (MLAK Fitted)
Mary Street, Rhodes

Concord Road: 
Concord Road, Rhodes

Mill Park: (MLAK Fitted)
Corner Shoreline Avenue & Walker Street, Rhodes

Rhodes Train Station: 
Walker Street, Rhodes
Open variable hours. Toilets are open when the station is open

Rodd Point

Nield Park: (MLAK fitted)
Nield Avenue, Rodd Point
Open: 8am-5pm

Rodd Park: 
Henley Marine Drive, Rodd Point

Accessible transport

Below are some accessible transport services available to the City of Canada Bay and Inner West community:

  • Access Sydney - is a community based organisation dedicated to providing transport options for people who are transport disadvantaged.
  • Sir Roden and Lady Cutler Foundation - Established to help people of all ages, physically handicapped, disadvantaged and struggling financially to be mobile and to assist with transport to and from hospital and other medical appointments. Also provision of mobility scooters and other transport related products/subsidies. 
  • Volunteer Associates & of St Ambrose (VASA) - we maintain contact with the elderly by organising monthly morning tea outings, assisting with shopping on a fortnightly basis using the Council's community bus, and provide transport where necessary for appointments.  
  • Bay Rider - a City of Canada Bay bus shuttle service for those experiencing transport difficulties.
National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) supports people with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities. NDIS is working with people with disability to identify supports they need to live their lives. The goal of NDIS is to give people more choice and control over how, when and where support is provided and certainty these supports will be there. For people living in City of Canada Bay, NDIS starts from Friday, 1 July 2017.

In the transition to NDIS, workshops are being held throughout our local area to help people prepare for the change in support systems.

For NDIS or workshop locations and times, contact:

Ability Links - Inner West Team
Phone: (02) 8622 0435, (02) 8622 0405, or 0475 800 176

For NDIS workshops in languages in other than English, contact:

Ethnic Communities Services Co-Operative
Phone: (02) 9569 1288
Location: Building 3, 142 Addison Road, Marrickville, NSW, 2204

For children with disability under none years of age, contact:

Plumtree - Pathway for Children and Families
Phone: 02 9572 8840

For general information:

Phone: 1800 800 110

Bay Connection (Bus trips for over 55s)

Explore your community and meet new people!

The City of Canada Bay offers a program of bus trips for people over 55 years of age who live in the local government area. The aim of the program is to improve social connection and cohesion among older people within the community and contribute to their overall health and well-being. Currently the program has over 60 participants from the City of Canada Bay area.

Bay Connection bus trips are designed for people who:

  • Live at home and would like to get out of the house
  • Enjoy the company of others
  • Find it difficult to attend social events or outings due to limited mobility
  • Would like to travel to a variety of interesting destinations. 

The trips operate on Tuesdays and Fridays every alternate week. 

Participants must meet eligibility criteria. The service is not available to nursing home residents.   

Click here to view our current Newsletter.

More information

For more information please contact Council's Seniors Bus Trip Coordinator on 9911 6555 or email  

Home Library Service

The City of Canada Bay Libraries' Home Library Service provides:

  • A personalised service to individuals who are unable to access the library because of illness or disability
  • Bulk loans to residential facilities such as hostels, nursing homes and aged care facilities
  • Service to residents who provide full-time care
  • A temporary service for residents convalescing.

No age restrictions apply. New clients may need to provide a doctor’s certificate confirming his or her eligibility for the service.

We will select items based on your interests and deliver them to your home every four weeks.

If you are interested in this service, please contact our Home Library Officer on 9911 6211.

You may also read the Home Library Policy and print out the Home Library Membership form for next steps.

Carer Gateway

Carer Gateway is a national online service that provides practical information and resources to support carers.

The interactive finder connects to local support services.

For support and advice call 1800 422 737 or visit their website.

Disability Gateway - Resource and Information

The National Disability Gateway can offer support, information, tools and services to help people live their lives without boundaries and achieve their own personal goals every day.

The Disability Gateway has information and services to help people with disability, their family, friends and carers, to find the support they need. Click here to visit the website or call 1800 643787 for more information.