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The City of Canada Bay Bike Plan

The City of Canada Bay has a long history of supporting cycling initiatives. Both the former Concord and Drummoyne Councils had Bike Plans. Following the merger of these Councils during the early 2000's to create the City of Canada Bay, Council recognised the need to strategically manage the development of cycle paths and routes in the area. Working extensively with local stakeholders a detailed strategy document was developed: the 2005 Bike Plan. A Strategic Review of the Bike Plan was undertaken in 2014 with the primary aim of rationalising the existing bike route network and prioritising short and medium term works to improve and extend the network. A number of the identified projects have already been completed or are in progress.

In a joint initiative between Sydney Olympic Park Authority and City of Canada Bay, a Homebush Bay Cycling Map has been developed and is available here.

Council has received government grants and provided its own funds to provide improved cycling facilities in recent years, including:

  • The Bay Run around Iron Cove
  • Concord shared pathway between Crane Street and Brewer Street
  • Mutton Reserve shared path linking Harrison Avenue and Killoola Street
  • Massey Park shared path between Zoeller Street and the Exile Bay foreshore.

Through the NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Parramatta Road Urban Amenity Improvement Program (PRUAIP), funding has been allocated for the construction of new cycling infrastructure in Broughton Street, Concord, between Gipps Street and Parramatta Road. Following engagement with the community and detailed design, construction is anticipated to commence in the 2019/20 Financial Year. For additional information on the Broughton Street project, please click here.

The PRUAIP also identified the construction of a regional cycle route linking the North Strathfield area to the Bay Run around Iron Cove. Due to the significance of the route and other significant changes such as the planning of significant development sites and Westconnex since the preparation of the Strategic Review, further investigations into the regional route are being incorporated into the process of preparing of a new Bike Plan. For the latest information on the preparation of the new Bike Plan and to get involved please visit here.  

Bicycle safety 

For information regarding bicycle safety and NSW Road Rules regarding cycling on footpaths, e-bikes and more please click here.

Bike Share

What is Bike Share?

Dockless bike share is a business model that allows people to access a fleet of bikes through a smartphone app. Bikes can be used for return or one way trips and don't have to be returned to a docking station.

Safe bike placement

Bikes shouldn’t be placed on footpaths that are too narrow or busy, or where they could pose a safety hazard. Shared bikes can be placed near public bike racks but rack space should be left free for regular bicycles that need to be locked to a fixed point. Operators should inform their customers about correct bike parking and responsible riding.

Safe bike riding

Operators should promote legal and responsible riding when members join and regularly afterward.

Riders can incur heavy penalties for offenses such as not wearing helmets, unauthorised riding on footpaths, reckless riding and riding through red lights. Bicycles must have bells or other warning devices, front and rear lights, and a rear reflector.

Bike parking

Bike share customers should consider the safety and comfort of all footpath users by parking bikes in a responsible manner. This means keeping footpaths clear for safe, accessible and equitable use for people walking or travelling along the street.

Shared bikes can be moved out of the way if causing obstruction by contacting the relevant operator.

All operators and their customers must obey NSW Road Rules and consider the safety and comfort of other people on the road and footpaths.

Inner Sydney bike share guidelines

In December 2017, six Sydney Councils devised the Inner Sydney Bike Share Guidelines. These guidelines set out expectations for dockless bike share operators.

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