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Community Strategic Plan


Our Future 2036

Our Future 2036 is the Community Strategic Plan (CSP) for the future of the City of Canada Bay. The plan reflects the aspirations and priorities of the community that were identified following extensive engagement from June 2021 to January 2022.

The plan includes a community vision statement, and key directions and goals that will provide direction for the delivery of outcomes from 2022 to 2036. In effect, this document outlines where we were in 2021, where we want to be in 2036, how we will get there, and how we will know when we have arrived.

The five key directions in Our Future 2036 are:

  1. Connected community

  2. Sustainable and thriving environment

  3. Vibrant urban living

  4. Infrastructure and transport

  5. Civic leadership.

No one entity can deliver all of the outcomes we need for our future. All levels of government, businesses, community groups, and residents have a level of responsibility to work together and contribute to the goals of Our Future 2036. Council's four-year Delivery Program and annual Operational Plan outline how Council will deliver on the Community Strategic Plan goals. For more information and to read the latest Operational Plan, click here to visit our planning page.

Our Future 2036 will be reviewed following the next Council election.

Click here to read Our Future 2036.